Great Ouse Tributaries


This small Norfolk river which enters the Great Ouse estuary below King’s Lynn is private with no opportunity for ticket fishing. BURWELL LODE

This land drain is a tributary of that Great Ouse tributary, the Cam. It flows from Burwell to join the Cam at Upware. A typical Fenland drain with roach and bream the main species, it is controlled by Cambridge Fish Preservation Society who offer ticket and match facilities.

Burwell, CambsC4 miles from Burwell to junction with Cam at UpwareAB DT:AK(T. Parsons, 24, The Avenue, Burwell)G (Mr Hancock, The Garage, 40, Causeway, Burwell) groupday tickets AAA (Cambridge FPS) CAM The biggest of the Ouse tributaries which gives the University city its name rises in Bedfordshire near Letchworth and flows north-east through Cambridge to join the Great Ouse near Stretham. Bream and roach are the predominant species. Ticket facilities are good.

Cambridge, CambsCAt

Grantchester Meadows through and beyond Cambridge

Free fishing to holders of AWA (Grt.

Ouse Divn.) rod licences

Cambridge, CambsC5 miles from

Edgware down to Fish and Duck


DT:AAA (Cambridge Albion

Angling Society)

Milton, CambsC2 miles from Pike and Eel, Chesterton to ClayhitheLB

DT: A(T. Franklin, Barber, 39, High

St., Chesterton)K (at Baits Bite

Lock)TS (F. J. Farrington,4, Ferry

Lane, Chesterton or

TSCambridge) group day tickets

AAA (Cambridge FPS)

Clayhithe Bridge, CambsC2 mile at Clayhithe (known as the

Clayhithe Fishery)RB

DT: AAA (Great Ouse Fishery

Consultative Association)


This small Norfolk river enters the

Great Ouse at King’s Lynn. It is free fishing for coarse fishing though readers are warned it was recently the subject of a severe pollution.

King’s Lynn, NorfolkCFrom

Bawsey to King’s Lynn

Free fishing


This small river is a tributary of the

Ivel and, according to our checks, is entirely private.


This well-known Great Ouse tributary joins the main river just below Bedford on the right bank. Though ticket fishing is nonexistent, there are opportunities through membership of associations.


This river rises near Bury St. Edmunds and flows westward to enter the Great Ouse on the right bank at a point almost exactly midway between Ely and Littleport. Roach and bream are the predominant species and, in the lower reaches, ticket facilities are reasonable.

Littleport, CambsC1 mile from Folly Drove to junction with Great OuseBB DT: ATS (G. Bennett, Sandhills Crossing, Littleport or A. S. Coleby, Granby St., Littleport) Mildenhall,SuffolkC13J miles from Lackford Bridge to end of WestRowBB DT: AK (R. Johnson, 85, Clare Close, MildenhalDorTS (Mildenhall)l Prickwillow,CambsC1 mile from PrickwillowRoad BridgetoFolly DroveBB DT: AK (S. A. Lee, 60, Main Street, Prickwillow)TS (Cambridge) group day tickets A AA (Cambridge F.P.S.) LITTLE OUSE

Rising in central Norfolk, this river flows west to enter the Great Ouse at Brandon Creek on the right bank. Mostly controlled in its upper reaches, there is some ticket fishing at Hockwold and Thetford. The Little Ouse produced the British record dace . Hockwold, NorfolkC2 miles from Wilton Bridge to Green Dragon AB DT: A(K (V. Mackworth, 60, Castle Close, Weeting)e

Thetford, NorfolkCFishing in area DT: ATS (Thetford Sports Centre, 7. Whitehart Street, Thetford) NAR

A typical Fenland river, the Nar rises near Litcham in Norfolk and flows via Narborough to join the Great Ouse on its right bank immediately upstream of King’s Lynn. Bream and roach are the dominant species. One of the big-gest bream ever seen in Britain, a fish of 13 lb, was found dying in the Nar in 1971.

Wormegay, NorfolkC5 miles from Wormegay to junction with Great Ouse. River upstream of Wormegay is privateRB DT: ATS (King’s Lynn) or Aking’s Lynn AA OUZEL

Rising in Bedfordshire, the Ouzel winds north to meet the Great Ouse near Milton Keynes. As far as we can discover, it is entirely controlled by associations, some of which allow outside membership.


A tributary of Burwell Lode which links the village of Reach with Burwell Lode. Access details the same as for Burwell


Reach, CambsC4 miles from

Reach Village to junction with Cam atUpwareAB

DT: AK (K. S. Peacock, General

Stores, Reach) group day tickets

AAA (Cambridge F.P.S.)


This West Buckinghamshire stream joins the Great Ouse on its left bank near Stony Stratford. It is association controlled with access difficult, or impossible for visitors.

Stony Stratford, BucksCa mile within Cosgrove Lodge ParkBB DT: TO (at entrance to park) WISSEY

Rising in West Norfolk, the Wissey flows via Whittington, Stoke Ferry and Hilgay to enter the Great Ouse on the right bank just below Ten Mile Bank railway bridge. In the upper reaches, it is privately preserved trout fishing. Really big trout-odd onesindoublefigures-have been taken in the famous Wissey pools, a series of wides in the river above Hilgay. In the lower sections, coarse fish are most predominant.

Hilgay, NorfolkC4 miles from

Dereham Belttojunctionwith

Great Ouse BB

DT: K (Bailiff’s House at Hilgay

Bridge) or ATS


Mile House Farm, Stoke Fen Ferry, (on B1160 road to Wereham from



Stoke Ferry, NorfolkC J mile above and below Stoke Ferry RB DT: K (Bailiff’s House at Hilgay Bridge) or ATS Greet. See R.Trent Greta. See R. Lune Grizedale Beck. See Lake District Groudle. See Isle of Man Haddeo. See R. Exe

Hambridge V

Hambridge, SomersetCat Hambridge, nearLangport DT: (L 10)AAA (Newton Abbot F.A.)WWAe Harbourne

This small Devonshire game river rises on the lower slopes of Dartmoor and flows due east to enter the Dart estuary at Tuckenhay. It offers the visitor some chances of salmon, sea trout and trout with Harberton a convenient centre. Rod Licence: SWWA Harberton, DevonTSTS – 11 mile inareaBB DT:ATS(Totnes) Hindwell Brook. See R. Wye Hiz. See R. Great Ouse Hodder.SeeR.Ribble

Holland Brook

This small stream drains into the North Sea at Clacton. It offers coarse fishing with good access in the sections nearthis resort.

Rod Licence: AWA

Clacton on Sea, EssexC3 miles from Sladburys Lane, Clacton, to


WT: ATS (J. Porter, Pallister Road,



Horner Water

This small stream runs through the National Trust’s Holnicote Estate near Porlock (Somerset). It offers fly only trout fishing. Rod Licence: SWWA

Porlock, SomersetT -14 miles in area

DT: ATS (J. Lynn & Co., High

Street, Porlock)