About 20 miles long, the Halladale enters the sea at Melvich. It takes very early runs of salmon but is not at present in the top league of salmon rivers although it is preserved and casual day-to-day fishing is unlikely to be available for the visitor. Prior arrangements should be made. Forsinard is an excellent point for many of the splendid trout lochs in the district. SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Jan 12-Sept 30 (R&L)

Forsinard, Caithness, Highland TSTS7milesfrom ForsinardBB DT:AH (Forsinard Hotel,

Forsinard. NB: This hotel can also arrangefishingon 12 lochs in area)v (Lochs onry)–Jan 2-

Sept 30 (S/ST); Mar 15-Oct 15 (T) tfe

Melvich, Sutherland, Highland

TS?-Entire river

DT: ARO (Mrs J. Atkinson,

Liberton Estate Office, 8, Sinclair

Street, Thurso. Applications must be made in advance)=Feb 12-Sept 30