How to look up a water

All freshwater fishing throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland has been categorised according to the type of water: river fishing, Stillwater fishing, canal fishing and land drain fishing. The first two categories have in turn been divided according to geographic location. Thus we have Fishing Guide sections for English river fishing. Welsh river fishing, Scottish river fishing. Northern Ireland river fishing, English Stillwater fishing, Welsh Stillwater fishing and so on. Exceptions to this order have been made for the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Scottish Islands and for the Lake District and the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. In these cases both rivers and stillwaters, have been considered under the one heading.

All rivers within a particulargeographic location, e.g. all English rivers, have been listed alphabetically. All tributaries of any one river are listed alphabetically

Canals and land drains are also listed alphabetically by the name of water. All stillwa-ters, within each geographic location, are grouped into counties. Within each county, the stillwaters are listed alphabetically according to the name of the nearest town or village.

When you wish to locate a particular water, you can either turn directly to the relevant sec-tion of the Fishing Guide and look up the name of the water, in the case of a river, canal or land drain, or you can look up a Stillwater under the area in which it is found. All waters can be traced by referring to the index at the end of the guide. Any water not listed in the index can be presumed difficult of access or not available to the general public.