This short but productive game river drains Wastwater reaching the estuary at Ravenglass shared with the Mite and Cumbrian Esk. Salmon and sea trout begin to move up the Irt in June but fishing for them is rated best from mid-July onwards. Sea trout of exceptional quality have been a recent feature. The biggest was a fish of 15 lb 1 oz taken by Mrs M Walker of Nottingham in June 1972. Three more double figure sea trout have been reported from this river placing it right among the leaders for sea trout quality. These fish were: 14lb8oz(1970); 14lb(1967); 12lb15oz6dM1963).Theriveralso contains brown trout. Fishing is not easy to obtain for casual visitors. The hotel at Holmrook however issues tickets.

HolmrookTSTS3J miles from The Willows to Meadow PoolAB wLutwidge Arms. T: Holmrook 230.10 rooms. (Residence necessary for some boats) Mar 20-Sept15(T);May1-Oct31 (ST); Apr1-Oct31(S)e