The Kent rises a little south of High Street (2,718 ft) flowing down through Kentmere and Staveley. Just before Kendal first the Sprint and then the Mint come in on the left bank. The strengthened water continues through the town and on southward to receive the Gilpin almost at the estuary on Morecambe Bay. It is a game fish river offering sea and brown trout and salmon. Though salmon do run up the Kent in spring, the main incursions begin in June and go on until August with September and October the likelier times for salmon in the higher reaches. The main run of sea trout usually hits peak in August. Though some ticket opportunities exist, the river is largely preserved. KendalTSTSSection known as Kendal Town Water Free fishing

Kendal TS2 miles from Low Levens to estuary BB DT: AF (Low Levens Farm, Sampool Lane) KendalTS8 miles from Burneside toSedgwickBB

DT (not issued in Sept & Oct): ATS (Kendal) or AAA(KentAA)e StaveleyT5 miles from Kentmere toStaveleyIBB

DT: A(Staveley Newsagents)! X

Kent Tributaries


A game river with a late salmon run, the Gilpin joins the Kent just before the latter enters Morecambe Bay. It is mostly private but some farmers and landowners do give permission to visitors on enquiry. Lytho ValleyTSTJ mile on Bell’s Land in valley near WindermereBB DT: B or AAA (Northern AA) MINT

Flowing infromhillstotheeast.the Mint joins the Kent just above Kendal. Though some salmon and sea trout enter it, this river is most rated for trout which, while small, are quite plentiful. Much of it is pri-vately preserved though some far-mers give permission to visiting anglers in the higher reaches. Kendal TS1 mile from Laverick BridgetojunctionwithKentAB DT: ATS (Kendal) or AAA (Kent AA) SPRINT

This tributary joins the Kent a little further up the river from Kendal than the Mint. Salmon and sea trout begin to move up it in earnest from August onwards. Brown trout tend to be small. Almost all the river is private though, as with the Mint, some farmers in the higher reaches will welcome visitors. KendalTS800 yards from Manchester Water Pipe to junction withKentLB

DT: ATS (Kendal) or AAA (Kent AA)