Kirtle Water

Rising on Grange Fell, this river flows via Kirtlebridge and Kirkpat-rick Fleming to the Solway Firth. In addition to trout, the river enjoys runs of sea trout which are best ‘ fished for from midsummer onwards. Though not as numerous as the fish found in the neighbouring Sark.thechubinthiswater average 4 lb and fish to 7 lb have been reported.

SOS: Feb 25-Sept 9 (Net); Feb 10-Nov 15 (R&L)

Kirtlebridge, Dumfries, Dumfries & GallowayTSTSection in town Free fishing Rigg, Dumfries, Dumfries & GallowayTST2J miles from river mouthtoA75atRiggBB DT: A(Rigg Shop, Rigg)P (Hunters Lodge, Gretna Green; Solway Lodge, Gretna Green) or AAA (Gretna Green AA)=Mar 15-Oct 7 (T);Marl5-Oct31(Stand herlinge Kyle of Sutherland

This, in effect, is the name given to the neck of the Dornoch Firth. The Kyle is formed by the junction of the Oich and Cassley rivers and extends 12 miles below this point on below Bonar Bridge. There are good facilities for visitors for sea trout and trouting but not for salmon.

SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Jan 11-

Sept 30 (R&L)

Bonar Bridge, Sutherland,

HighlandTSTS12 miles, entire water

DT: ATS (W. A. Macdonald, Castle

Street, Dornoch)H (Burghfield House, Dornoch)tf

Laggan. See Isle of Islay Leader. See R. Tweed Leet Water. See R. Tweed Leithen Water. See R. Tweed Loven (Loch Lomond). See R. Clyde