Lancashire and Cheshire Fishing

The more northerly section offers the best sport. The Blackpool to Fleetwood salient has a winter cod runandboatfishing produces some exceptional fish to over 30 lb.

Most of the shore-caught cod tend to be small, but Blackpool’s North Pier yields fish over the 10 lb. Mark in the key period from mid-October to December.

There are whiting too and these, with some codling, even show in the Mersey estuary, whereas the Cheshire shore is noted only for flatfish, mainly flounder.

Occasional bass are taken at Fleetwood but the Morecambe to Heysham section provides better prospects for these fish. Big dab and average-sized plaice populate Morecambe Bay and the offshore ground out from Fleetwood holds an impressive thornback population which provides sport through the winter but is at its peak in May and June.

Tope also show up well in the summer, with bull huss and the inevitable dogfish.


Shore fishing marks are located at Thurstaston, three miles up the River Dee from West Kirby, the Caldy Channel, Little leye, Middle leye and Hilbre Island, West Kirby beach, Marine Lake West Kirby, Harrison Drive, Rock Channel at New Brighton and New Brighton Promenadeto Harrison Drive. Main species caught are cod, dab, flounder, and whiting. Worm bait available locally.


Apartfromthe local beach itself, there are shore sites at Pinfold Channel, to the north along the estuary of the River Douglas and to the south along the beach at Formby. Southport pier is also popular. Species from the shore include cod, dab, flounder, plaice and whiting.

Shoals of bass, black bream, cod, dogfish, mackerel, and whiting are reached by boat. Lug from beach.

Blackpool: P. Situated between the estuaries of the Rivers Ribble and Wyre, the beach at Blackpool (when uncrowded) can yield catches of cod, dab, flounder, plaice, pouting and the occasional bass. Other popular sites are on the estuaries of the River Ribble and River Wyre, Rossall beach and Fairhaven beach, the North Pier, sea wall and promenade.

Boat fishing gives catches of bass, cod, dogfish, mackerel, pollack, tope and whiting. Worm bait available locally.


Prime shore marks along Marine and Easton beaches, the estuary of the River Wyre, Jubilee Quay and the Town Pier can yield bass, cod, dab,flounder, mullet, plaice, silver eel and whiting. Numbers of bass, coalfish, cod, conger, dogfish, haddock, ling, mackerel, pollack, pouting, ray and whiting from boats. Lug from Marine beach.

Morecambe and Heysham:

Good shore fishing marks along local beaches. Battery Skeer, Grosvenorandtheoutfall pipefor catches of bass, conger, dab, flounder, plaice and whiting. Fishing from the Central Pierisalso productive, as are the Stone Jetty and Battery Slipway.

Numbers of bass, cod, conger, dogfish, mackerel, pouting, ray and whiting can be reached by boat. Worm bait available locally.