Lead-cored lines

There is one other type of line coming into use for fishing the deepest reservoirs and lakes—the level lead-cored line, without doubt the fastest sinker of all. This is not used for normal sunken fly fishing, but for trolling behind a boat which may be drifting, or propelled by oars or even a motor, depending upon local rules and regulations.

The purpose of the exercise is to drag the largest size of lure at a steady speed across the bottom, in the hope of attracting those very large trout which have adopted a bottom-feeding existence. It could be argued that this is not true fly fishing, being merely a minor variation on spinning tactics, but the fact is that a form of fly is being used, and so it really is a branch of fly fishing, although unorthodox.

Lead core line is offered by several leading manufacturers in 100 yard or metre spools. The American-made Trolling Line is used principally for saltwater trolling for game fish. The average cost of such a spool is between £8 and £10, which makes it an extremely cheap way of obtaining what is almost equivalent to three full fly lines.

Stewed hempseed has been the subject of more bans than any other bait. It has also had more nonsensical statements made about it than any other. Among these are the following: it contains cannabis, which drugs the fish and turns them into addicts; it grows in the water and chokes it with weeds; it produces bites too quickly for elderly anglers to hit and hence gives the advantage to younger anglers; it gives fish indigestion.