Flows into the Moray Firth after a run of about 25 miles from Loch Trevie down to Lossiemouth. A good portion of the river is controlled by a local angling association and provides fair trouting with salmon and sea trout sport in the summer and autumn. SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Feb 11-Oct 15 (R&L)

Elgin, Morays, GrampianTSTS 10J miles from Calcot’s Railway Bridge to Leaoch BurnIBB DT: ATS (Elgin)Feb 11-Oct 15 (S/ST);Mar15-Oct6

Lossiemouth, Morays, Grampian

TSTS6i miles from Coopers Burn to Bin Mill rifle rangeAB

DT: ATS (Lossiemouth) or AAA (Lossiemouth AA)Mar 1-Oct 15e Ludgate Water. See R. Tweed Lugton. See R. Irvine