This short canal was cut to get boats past an unnavigable section of the River Soar. It branches off at Barrow-on-Soar and re-joins the mainstream just north of Lough-borough. It offers some coarse fishing and access for visitors at Loughborough is good.

Loughborough, LeicsC2} miles from Barrowto LoughboroughRB



Another tributary of the Dove, the

Manifold’s valley is a well-known

Derbyshire beauty spot. A trout and grayling river, it offers some chance for the visiting angler.

Longnor, DerbysIT!–17 miles at LongnorBB —Crewe& HarpurT:Longnor 205.6 rooms MAUN This river which gave the town of Mansfield its name and which rises there, is polluted and of no account. It is one of three rivers which form the Idle. MEASE Not to be confused with that Severn tributary, the Meese, or that other Trent tributary, the Meece, this Staffordshire stream joins the right bank of the Trent above Burton. It is a coarse fishery which has yielded some remarkable fish for its size, including chub to 6 lb. Associations offer the only chance of fishing. MEDEN Rising near the borders of

Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, the Meden flows through the lake at Thoresby Hall, one of thefamous

Dukery residences, before becoming another of the three rivers absorbed to form the Idle. Also subject to pollution, the Meden is private where it is fish-able. MEECE

Rising in North Staffs., the Meece flows south east through Mill-meece to join that Trent tributary, the Sow, near Great Bridgeford. It offers some chance for the visitor.

Millmeece, StaffsCAt and above


DT: AIAA (Whitmore Reans