A small stream, rising near Forfar, the Lunan flows 13 miles to the sea between Montrose and Arbroath. It provides some good trout fishing with the prospect of above average sea-trout fishing in the autumn given the right water conditions. It has the advantage of flowing into Lunan Bay near excellent sandy beaches suitable for the family. SOS: Feb 16-Aug 26 (Net); Feb 16-Oct 31 (R&L)

Arbroath, Angus, TaysideTSTS 8 milesfrom Friockheim to mouthBB DT: ATS (T. Clark and Sons, High Street, Arbroath)(S)

Lunan Tributary


A small stream which joins the Lunan near Friockheim. It offers salmon (usually late fish), sea trout, and trout with some access for visitors.

Friockheim, Angus, TaysideTST S1 mileaboveFriockheimBB DT: ATS (T. Clark and Sons, High Street, Arbroath)(S)

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