Rising at Ravenstonedale near Ash Fell, the Lune, perhaps the best known of Lancashire’s game fish rivers, flows south via Tebay, Kirkby Lonsdale, Hornby, Caton and Halton to enter the Irish Sea through a long estuary below Lancaster. Peak periods for salmon and sea trout are August and September, the months when the main run occurs. Sport with these fish, and with brown trout, is rated some of the best in the area. Ticket opportunities in the upper reaches are limited but lower down, visitors can avail themselves of facilities operated by the North West Water Authority on their well-known Halton and Skerton Fisheries. Even here, the number of rods per day is limited. The lower reaches of the Lune also contain big stocks of coarse fish, especially roach, dace and chub.

Rod Licence: NWWA Caton, LancsTSTS2 miles extending upstream from Caton DT: ATS (Darwen & Gough, 6, Moor Lane, Lancaster) Caton, LancsTS (at certain times as specified on ticket)5 miles from Hornby to CatonBB DT(Mon-Fri only): (L 12)ATS (Darwin & Gough, 6 Moor Lane, Lancaster or Curwen, Greenup Cottage, Hornby)s Halton, LancsC (above weir)STS Above and below Halton Weir (known as The Halton Fishery)

DT: (LforSandSTdependingon section)ATS (Darwen and Gough, 6, Moor Lane, Lancaster)H (Station Hotel, Caton)e

Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria T ST S 2 miles in area’BB 5-day ticket (covers Mon-Fri only) DTA TS Kirkby Lonsdale) Feb 1 Oct 31’

Lancaster, LancsC(above weir) STSFrom Beaumont Beckto

Scaleford (known as the Skerton Fishery)

DT:(LforSandST)ATS(Darwen and Gough, 6, Moor Lane, Lancaster)H (Station Hotel, Caton)e Sedbergh, CumbriaTS3 miles in area


Tebay, CumbriaTSTS9 miles from Gaisgill to LowgillAB WT (only to residents at Junction Hotel, Tebay or George Hotel, Orton)

Whittington,LancsTS400 yards atWhittingtonRB DT:AF(H.G.Mackereth, Whittington Farm)j Lune Tributaries


Rising at Garsdale Head on the Cumbria-Yorkshire border, the Clough flows down through Gars-dale to meet that other Lune tributary, the Dee, near Sedbergh, It offers brown trout and some sea trout and salmon. Sedbergh, CumbriaTFishing in area WT:ATS(Sedbergh)e


Rising on Cragg Hill, this flows in a westerly direction to join the Lune below Sedbergh. Opportunities for visitors are extremely limited. Sedbergh, CumbriaT3 miles in area WT:ATS(Sedbergh)e


Rising above Ingleton, the Greta flows through Burton in Lonsdale to reach the Lune near Tunstall. Like all the Lune tributaries, it is mostly game fishing with salmon being late fish.

Ingleton, N YorksTSTSr (above waterfall)7 miles from Ingleton to Burton-in-LonsdaleBB Lune Records

Bream: 8-12-0 R McCombie (maggot) Dec 1

Perch: 4-14-0 C Croasdale Feb 1

Pike: 28-12-0 J Beckett (deadbait)

Jan 1

Roach:’ 3-4-0 D Jowle (crust) Nov 1

Salmon: 38-8-0 H M Martin (devon) spring 1

Trout, brown: 8-8-0 angler & date unknown

Trout, sea: 9-8-0 P Simmons (fly) summer 1 ‘widely accepted as the biggest roach evercaught in the North West of England

DT: A(W. Well, Newsagent, Main Street, Ingleton) or AAA (Ingleton AA)e Ingleton, North YorksT 4 miles aboveand below lngletonBB DT: ATS (Wells, Main Street, lngleton)’Mar14-Sept30e RAWTHEY

Another tributary which links with the Lune near Sedbergh, this river offers little opportunity for visitors. Sedbergh, CumbriaTS6 miles in area WT:ATS(Sedbergh)e


Rising on the Yorkshire moors near Wharfe, this is the best known of the Lune tributaries, and flows westwards through High Bentham to join the Lune near Hornby. Access is again limited. Low Bentham, North YorksTS mile at Low BenthamLB -Punch Bowl Hotel, Low Benthame

Hornby, LancsT 15 miles Hornby Bridge to junction of Lune and WenningBB DT:(L6)AP(Castle Hotel, Hornby) Lyd. See R. Tamar Lydden. See R. Stour (Dorset)

Lymington (inc. New Forest Streams)

The streams of the New Forest which join together near New Park to form the Lymington River offer trout fishing on a ticket to visitors to the area. No rod licence is needed to fish these streams. From Balmerlawn – below New Park -the Lymington flows south to enter the English Channel near the coastal town which takes its name. The Lymington is strictly preserved by associations.


Lyndhurst, HantsTStreamsin area

DT: A(lnformation Caravan,

Lyndhurst camp site) TS (Lymington)RO (Forestry

Commission, The Queens House,

Lyndhurst) yn (East and West)

From Exmoor Forest, the East Lyn flows through Lynmouth, being joined by the West Lyn just below this well-known Devonshire resort. It is a game river offering sport with salmon, sea trout and brown trout. The most prolific section of the East Lyn is that controlled by the South West Water Authority and lying between Watersmeet and Lynmouth. The best time for salmon is from July onwards. Ticket facilities on the East Lyn are good but the West Lyn is private. Fly only is a strict rule in certain sections at cer-tain times. Rod Licence: SWWA


Lynmouth, Devon TS(f or

Trout)3J miles from Lynmouth to

Rockford Bridge and to Hillsford

BridgeBB (Lynmouth to

Watersmeet) AB (above


DT: A(J. Lyon & Co., Ironmonger,



Brendon, DevonTS -1200 yards above RockfordRB

DT: AH (Stagg Hunters Inn,


Lyne. See R. Esk (Border)