Perhaps the most polluted major river in England, the Mersey is barren and of no interest to the angler. It should be immediately added that efforts are being made constantly in some of its tributaries, especially the higher reaches, to bring about a comeback for fishermen in these areas. So far most of these waters are private, the only exception being that listed below. Rod Licence: NWWA

Mersey Tributary


Though still polluted, this river, a tributary of the Goyt which links it with the Mersey, is the subject of interesting efforts to bring back fish life by the Border Anglers and Naturalists (a branch of Oldham and District AA). So far they have concentrated on stocking with trout and grayling. Though visitors can try this fishing, it must be rated more of interest to those who live in the area.

Greenfield, Gtr. ManC(Grayling only) T300 yards at Alexandra MillRB DT:(L4)KorAAA(Border Anglers and Naturalists)! Mint. See Lake District Mole (Devon). See R. Taw Mole (Sussex). See R. Thames Mule. See R. Severn Nar. See R. Great Ouse Neb. See Isle of Man