Draining the mountains of Moidart in Inverness, this river flows south east to enter saltwater Loch Moidart, which forms its estuary, near Ardmolich. A spate river offering salmon and trout with sea trout rated specially good. Best time: mid-Jun to mid-Aug. Some access for visitors. SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Feb 11-Oct 31 (R&L)

Kinlochmoidart, Inverness, HighlandT(Lochans)STS2 miles from the Lochans to sea (ticket includes fishing on Lochans)[BB DT: (L4 on river; no limit on Lochans)ARO (Mrs Bley, West Lodge, Kinlochmoidart.Tel: Salen 218) Monynut. See R. Tweed Moriston. See R. Ness Moutray. See R. Eden (Fifes) Mudale. See R. Naver