Rising west of Tisbury, the Nadder flows east to join the Wylye at

Wilton. It offers trout, excellent grayling and, at one time, was famous for specimen roach though the latter have not been much reported recently.

Salisbury, WiltsMsmall section in city

DT: ARO (Salisbury District

Council, Bourne Hill, Salisbury)

Salisbury, WiltsCT2j miles from Lower Bemerton to SalisburyBB DT: ATS (I. Rae, The Boathouse, Castle Street, Salisbury)! e

Salisbury, WiltsTS 2 miles at HarnhamBB

DT:(L10)ATS(I.Rae,The Boathouse, Castle Street, Salisbury)! — Hampshire Avon Records

Match Catch Record: 92-8-

R Cooke (Edgware) 1

Barbel:’ 13-12-OJ Day (maggot)

Oct 1

Chub:J7-8-0 Rwatkinson (maggot)

Oct 1

Dace: 1-2-0 G Swanton (flake) Nov 1

Perch: 8-0-0 Mr Zerfall 1

Pike: 37-8-0 C Warwick (livebait)

Oct 1

Roach: 3-10-0 A Whittock Jan 1

Salmon: 49-0-0 G M Howard (silver sprat) Feb 1

Tench: 4-8-0 M Randle (bread) 1

Trout, brown: 20-8-0 angler unknown 1

Trout, rainbow: 10-12-0DSaxon

Oct 1 ‘this fish is the current British Record. Two bigger Avon barbel, recorded at 14-8-0, once shared the record with aThames fish of the same weight. These fish were rejected by the Record Committee in 1968. Two Avon barbel, even bigger, are known – a fish of 17-14-0 taken by a salmon angler and returned to the water in July 1971 and a fish of 16-1 -0 foulhooked at Ibsley in 1960. an Avon chub of 7- 6-0 taken in 1957 by Bill Warren, one of the greatest Avon anglers of all time, is the currently accepted British record.

Avon (Warwicks). See R. Severn