The Neath rises in the Brecon Beacons near Fan Gihirych (2,381 feet) and flows south to Glyn Neath from where it continues south-east through the Vale of Neath to enter the Bristol Channel near Swansea. Clearing after pollution, the river has been re-stocked with trout and is now attracting sea trout again.

The salmon which used to run up the river are still awaited. Access for the visitor is reasonable. Rod Licence: WNWDA (Glamorgan Rivers Division)

Aberdulais, W GlamTSTS 6 milesfrom road bridge at AberdulaistoRheola Estate DT: AAA (Neath and Dulais AC)oMar2-Oct31 (S); Apr 1-Oct 16(ST); Mar1-Sept30

Glyn Neath, W GlamTS8 miles from Resolven to Pont Nedd


DT: AAA (Glyn Neath AA)e

Neath, WGIamT Various sections as described on permit

DT: AAA (Neath and Dulais AC)

Neath Tributaries


This river flows down from Seven

Sisters to join the Neath below


Aberdulais, WGIamT2 miles from


DT: AAA (Neath and Dulais


Neath,WGIamT4sectionsinarea as described on permit

DT: AAA (Neath and Dulais AC)


This tributary of the Mellte rises on the southern slopes of the Brecon

Beacons to join the Mellte close to the well-known falls.

Glyn Neath, W GlamT3 mile from junction with MellteBB DT: AAA(Glyn Neath AA) MELLTE

The head stream of the Neath rising above Ystradfellte on the southern slopes of the Brecon

Beacons. There are trout chances.

Glyn Neath, W GlamTS4 miles from junction with Nedd Fach to

Caves YstradfellteBB

DT: AAA (Glyn Neath AA)e


Glyn Neath, WGIamTS4 miles from junction with Mellteto Blaen


DT:AAA (Glyn Neath AA)e


A trout stream with waterfalls winding to join the Neath at Pont Nedd Fechan.

Glyn Neath, W GlamT2 miles-Forestry Commission Water (LB) and Pont Lewsin (RB) DT: AAA (Glyn Neath AA)e-Association: Pyrddin AS.