A top favourite river with coarse fishermen from the Midlands and Eastern England, the Nene is predominantly a bream and roach water. For those who like them -and many a competition angler has blessed them! – there’s a huge head of bleak in the river. In the streamier sections, excellent chub are found. The Nene is yet another water which has been stocked with barbel. They are not often caught, the biggest reported so far being a fish of 12 lb taken in 1969. Above and below Peterborough, large carp are another occasional feature. Most are encountered on light tackle meant for smaller things -and are lost. The biggest concentrations of carp are near the Electricity Cut at Peterborough, an arm of the river which extends from the power station down to the main river. Once a mecca for carp anglers, results here have declined in recent years now that the amount of warm water being pumped into the river from the power station has been considerably reduced. It isstill worth adding that an Electricity Cut fish – a mirror carp of 34 lb 8 oz taken by W. Beta of Neasden in 1965 – is still the biggest carp ever taken in England from a river.

This important river rises near Daventry in Northampton and flows east through Northampton, Wellingborough, Oundle and Peterborough to enter the North Sea in the Wash. Ticket facilities abound over large sections of the Nene . In addition several associations with large holdings on the river either operate day ticket sections or offer membership at reasonable fees to all. Typical of these are Leicester Amalgamated, Northampton Nene AC, Kettering, Thrapston and District AA and Peterborough AA. Most also offer match fishing facilities.

Equally famous is the North Bank fishery operated by the Anglian Water Authority. This extends down the left bank of the river below Peterborough from Fitzwil-liam Bridge to Dog in a Doublet sluice below which the river is tidal. Here, too, match facilities are available by applying to the Fisheries Department at the Authority’s area office . . . North St., Oundle, near Peterborough.

Because the Nene is so much used for matches, it is often difficult at the height of the season for the freelance angler to find space to fish in some sections at weekends. From Dog in a Doublet sluice, the river now goes via Wisbech to the sea. Still in existence (and now considered by some a Nene tributary) is the old course of the River Nene, generally referred to as the Old River Nene. This water is what remains after repeated attempts to change the river in the 18th century for flood prevention purposes finally succeeded. Before this work began, the Nene struck off in a south-easterly direction from Peterborough before swinging back in an arc to Wisbech and the sea. Today, the Old River Nene is considered to begin at the junction with the Twenty Foot Drain at Ramsey St. Mary. From there it flows via Benwick, March and Upwell to finish at the junction with Well Creek at Outwell. This, too, is a good coarse fishery with roach and bream the predominant species and with plenty of opportunities for visiting anglers to fish. Some clubs with waters on the Old Nene offer match facilities. Rod Licence: Nene: AWA (Welland and Nene Rivers Division); Old River Nene: AWA (Great Ouse Rivers Division).

Billing, NorthantsCj milefrom

Clifford Hillock to Billing BridgeLB

DT:K or ATS (Northampton)!

Asection in the grounds of the

Billing aquadrome is closed Nov1-


Cotterstock, NorthantsC1 mile from Cotterstock church to Perio



Fotheringhay, NorthantsCJ mile in area (water is signposted from roads)LB


Nassington, NorthantsC4 miles from a point upstream of Elton to below Yarwell (NB. There are some gaps in this length not covered by ticket). Detailed maps of this fishery are obtainable from



Northampton, NorthantsC6 miles from Northampton to



Oundle, NorthantsC2J miles from Thrapston Road Bridge (Oundle) to Peterborough Road BridgeBB DT: B or ATS (R. Uff, Market Place, Oundle)P (Riverside Hotel) Oundle, NorthantsC1 I miles from Cotterstock downstreamLB DT:K

Peterborough, CambsC20 miles from Wansford to Dog in a Doublet (south bank)AB DT: AK (for Wansford, Stibbington and Water Newton: C. Howes, 63, Church Lane, Stibbington. For rest of fishery: Peterborough TS)e Peterborough, CambsC4 miles from Fitzwilliam Bridge to Dog in a Doublet Bridge (thefamous North Bank fishery) LB DT: AK (Lock Keeper at Dog in a Doublet Bridge)TS (Peterborough) or ARO (AWA, North Street, Oundle, Peterborough)

Wansford, CambsC2 miles from Wansford to Water Newton RB DT: ARO (Sibson Fisheries. New Lane, Stibbington, advance booking recommended by telephoning fishing secretary at Stamford 782621 )e

Warmington, NorthantsCFrom Old Mill to main riverBB DT: ARO (C. Day, 9, Croyland Road, Walton, Peterborough) Yarwell Mill, NorthantsC2 mile downstream from millLB DT:TOAe

Nene Records

Match Catch Records: 5 hour 63-7-0 M Hoad-Reddick in

Div 1 National Champs Sept 1 4 hour42-3-0 M Kelly in Oundle open Oct 1

Barbel: 12-0-0 D Williams (maggot)

July 1

Bream: 7-4-0 D Peterson (maggot)

Feb 1

Carp:130-8-0 D Wesley (paste) Aug 1

Chub: 8-3-4 R Thompson (cheese)

Feb 1

Eel: 6-5-4 D Harris (lobworm) Aug 1

Roach: 2-9-0 R Sheffield (maggot)

Feb 1

Tench: 7-10-0 R Madder (maggot)

July 1 ‘a mirror carp of 34-8-0 wascaught in the side water of the Nene known as the Electricity Cut in June 1965, this latterfish being accepted as England’s biggest rivercarp

Nene Tributaries

ELECTRICITY CUT Peterborough, CambsC3 mile entire water from power station to junction with Nene DT: B or ATS (Peterborough) OLD RIVER NENE The old course of the River Nene, see R. Nene introduction above. Forty Foot Bridge, CambsC Ijmilesfrom Bodsey Bridge to Halfpenny Toll Bridge, Benwick (certain sections reserved for members of Ramsey AS) BB DT:Be

Ramsey St. Marys, CambsC2 milesfrom Exhibition Bridge, St Mary’s to Old FootbridgeBB DT: B or ATS (Ramsey St Mary’s)

Associations: Coventry AA; Kettering, Thrapston & District AA; Leicester Amalgamated Anglers; Northampton Nene AC; Peterborough AA; Wellingborough NeneAC. Newark Dyke. See R. Trent New Forest Streams. See R. Lymington Nidd. See R. Ouse (Yorks) North Tyne. See R. Tyne Okemont. See R. Torridge Old West River. See R. Great Ouse Onny. See R. Severn Orwell. See R. Gipping

Rising in north-east Devon, this delightful river, mostly noted for its trout fishing, flows south via Hon- iton and Ottery St. Mary to enter the English Channel through a long, narrow estuary at Budleigh

Salterton. In addition to trout, there are also some sea trout. Fly only tends to be the rule in the upper reaches. The estuary is highly rated for mullet.

Rod Licence: SWWA

Budleigh Salterton, DevonTST 1J miles from Clamour Bridge to mouthBB

Free fishing for bona fide visitors to areaApr 1-Sept

Honiton, DevonT y 3 miles at


DT: AH (Deer Park Hotel, Weston,


Honiton, DevonT -115 miles from

Weston LB

DT: AH (Combe House Hotel,


Ottery. See R. Tamar

Ouse, Great. See R. Great Ouse