Runs from the northernmost point of Loch Ness and flows for a distance of 7 miles to the north-east on the Moray Firth. See also Loch Ness in Still Waters section. SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Jan 15-Oct 15 (R&L)

Inverness, Inverness, HighlandT

STS3 miles within town boundariesBB

DT: ATS (lnverness)Jan 15-Oct 15e

Inverness, Inverness, HighlandT

STS2i miles from Clachnahaig

Stone to estuaryBB

DT (not on Saturdays): ATS (J.

Graham, 27, Union Street, lnverness)Jan 15-Oct (S/ST)

Ness Tributaries


This water links Loch Quoich with Loch Garry flowing on to enter Loch Oich at Invergarry, the latter being linked to Ness. Rated a fine salmon river, it is reckoned at its best in April and May.


Formed by the outfalls from Lochs Cluanie and Loyne, this river flows down through Glen Moriston to enter Loch Ness at Invermoriston. Its flow is affected by hydro electric operations and, as a salmon river, is rated fair. The trouting, however, is good.

Invermoriston, Inverness, HighlandTSr(forTandSon Dundregganbeat)12mileson Glenmoriston Estates (including three salmon beats) between estuary and Torgoyle Bridge AB DT: Aat Glenmoriston Arms Hotel, Glenmoriston village shop and Glenmoriston Estate Office all at Invermoriston. All bookings for salmon fishing and boats made in advance at Estate Office. Permits also available at same centres fortrout fishing in22 hill lochs and in Loch Ness. A tackle hire service is also available. j.Hjan 15-Sept30(S); Mar15-Sept 30 (T) (except hill lochs)e


This short river forms the link bet-ween the eastern end of Loch Lochy and the entry to Loch Ness at Fort Augustus. It offers salmon, sea trout and trout. Fort Augustus, Inverness, HighlandSBeatsinarea DT: (L4)ATS (A. D. McDonald, OutdoorShop, Fort Augustus)!

Moriston Records

Salmon: 26-0-0captor unknown (fly) Apr 1

Trout: 7-8-0 captor unknown (fly)


Nevis. See Water of Nevis