North-East Scotland Fishing

Prospects in this area are far better than past catches suggest, simply because the fishing gets very little attention. It is an area ripe for development.

Although common skate and halibut are not among the species caught there must be a number of these fish in residence from April to late September in the entire area extending from Dornoch Firth to the Firth of Forth.

The biggest turbot concentrations in the North Sea exist well offshore from Aberdeen and rod and line fishing must sooner or later make contact with these fish, particularly when long range boat fishing comes into vogue.

Cod, coalfish, pollack and flatfish are the staple species taken from the shore from terrain that is often rocky. Pier fishing is the most popular. Boats are available at many centres.


Three local piers: Cromarty, Nigg and Balbair. Cromarty beach and local rocky points yield bass, codling, flatfish, mackerel and pollack. Conger, ling, skate and tope can be reached by boat.

Lossiemouth: Spinning for sea trout off the east and west beaches is the main sport, but these marks also offer coalfish, conger, haddock, mackerel and variousflatfish to the shore fisherman. Conger from the pier. Boat fishing for coalfish, cod, gurnard, haddock and plaice. Lug from the west beach and harbour.


Prime shore fishing sites are on the Deveron estuary, rocks west of

Banff at Boyne Bay and rocks east of Macduff to the Head of Garness. Banff harbour wall, the lighthouse and Macduff pier provide the other fine marks. Catches can include bass, coalfish, cod, conger, flounder, mackerel, mullet, pollack, sea trout and whiting.

Boat fishing for bass, coalfish, cod, conger, flounder, haddock, ling, mackerel, mullet, pollack, sea trout, shark, skate, tope and whiting. Lug from most local beaches.


Fraserburgh has the Moray Firth to the north and the North Sea to the east. Shore fishing is possible from local beaches, with rock fishing from Kinnaird Head. Cod, mackerel, plaice, pollack and sea trout can be taken from the shore. Cod, conger, haddock, plaice and pollack from boats. Lugworm from local beaches.

Peterhead: Situated on Peterhead Bay, the local pier, together with several beach and rock marks, fish well for coalfish, cod, dab and mackerel. Boat fishing provides prospects of coalfish, cod, conger, dab, haddock, ling, and mackerel. Lugworms from the shore at low water.


Miles of good beach fishing to the north of Aberdeen, with good rock marks around the lighthouse and on the coast between Aberdeen and Stonehaven. Cod, dab, coalfish, flounder, haddock, mackerel, mullet and wrasse taken from theshore. Boatfishing adds coalfish, cod, conger, haddock, hake, ling, plaice, whiting and wrasse.


The large catches of cod and haddock which are regularly taken in the bay are supplemented by coalfish, pollack, flounder and mackerel from the shore, and by catfish, ling, coalfish, hake, pollack, flatfish, ballan and cuckoo wrasse, whiting and Norway haddockfrom boats. The area also holds large quantities of lug and other bait.

Montrose: Situated between the tidal basin and the North Sea at the mouth of the South Esk, Montrose offers superb rock fishing aroundthe Scurdie Ness Lighthouse. The coastlinefrom Montrose to Arbroath provides prime marksfor rock and boat fishing. Conger, haddock, mackerel, flounder, plaice, wrasse and coalfish can be caught from the shore.

Numerous cod, haddock, conger, flounder, plaice, mackerel, pollack and skate reached by boat.


Fishing from the shore and from the harbour can give good catches of codling, plaice, flounderand sole. Numerous cod, conger, haddock, mackerel and pollack by boat. Lugworm dug at low-tide from the harbourentrance.


Situated on the northernmost part of Fife, the Tay estuary provides excellent boatfishing and shore fishing in sheltered waters. Cod, coalfish, plaiceand flounder can be taken from the shore. Boatfishing addsflatfish, conger, mullet, mackerel, haddock, wrasse and pollack. Rag and lug are available from the estuary.

St Andrews

Fishing from the rocks between the bathing pool and the harbour yields rock codling, plaice, flounder and haddock. Conger can be reached by boat. Good supplies of lug and rag from the River Eden.


Popular site offering pier, harbour, breakwater and boatfishing. Cod, coalfish, wrasse, flounder and haddock are the main species taken from the shore, with ling and congerfrom boats. Lug from the beach and rag from the harbour.

Methil and Buckhaven

Rock codling, plaice and mackerel can betaken from the shore. Boat fishing adds haddock, cod and whiting. The warm waterfrom Methil Power Station attracts whiting, haddock and mackerel, which are fished from the dock. Lug and rag can be taken from the beach at Level.

Burntisland: Boat fishing and fishing from the breakwaterand harbourwalls is popular for catches of rock codling, catfish, coalfish and mackerel. Lug and rag can be dug from the beach.