Though Northamptonshire is not as well blessed as some counties with river fishing, it is gloriously endowed with Stillwater fisheries whether the angler’s quarry be coarse fish ortrout. Tucked away in its rolling countryside are some of the finest fisheries in central England, the vast majority of them available to the visiting angler.


Elinor Trout Fisheries (L) This privately developed put-and-take trout fishery offers limited fishing on a 36-acre water. Stocked regu- larly with browns and rainbows, fish average 2} lb though the water does contain rainbows from a Canadian strain running into double figuresT DT:(L30)K(weekendsonly)ARO (Joan & David Popplewell, 40, North Street, Oundle. Tel: Oundle 3701 (day)3671 (eve)Apr2-Oct23AWAe


Pitsford Reservoir This large AWA reservoir, it covers more than 700 acres, is operated as a trout fishery despite troubles some years ago with a dramatic increase in the coarse fish population. Stocked regularly through the season, fish average 1j lb. The record brown weighed 5 lb 10 oz and the best rainbow, 6 lb 4 OZTT DT: TO or ARO (AWA, Cliftonville, Northampton)! — xApr1-Sept 30AWA BYF1ELD

Boddington Reservoir This excel-lently stocked coarse fishery con-trolled by the British Waterways Board is run on a limited season ticket basis. There is a waiting list and anglers wishing to join it should write to T G Leatherland, Fisheries Officer, British Water-ways Board, Willow Grange, Church Rd, Watford. CASTLE ASHBY Grendon QuarterLC DT: KAWA

DAVENTRY Fawsley Park LakesjC DT: B or AAA (Northampton Nene AC) AWA HOLLOWELL Hollowell Reservoir C DT: K – AWA KETTERING

Cransley Reservoir This small but attractive reservoir controlled by the AWA has produced some big catches of tenchC DT:K or ARO (AWA, Cliftonville, Northampton) AWA LITTLE BILLING

Billing Aquadrome A privately controlled water leisure centre. Billing offers coarse fishing in five lakes and on a section of the River Nene . Though known to contain big carp, these fish are difficult to tempt. The biggest taken in 1966, weighed 42 lb and is rated the third best ever caught in the British Isles. Would-be visitors should particularly note that this water is not open for the whole of the coarse fishing season, closing on Oct 9 each yearC DT:TO(atgate)Jun16-Oct 9AWA

NORTHAMPTON Abington Park LakeC

Free fishingAWA

Castle Ashby Lakes L (2) C


Overstone Solarium LakesiL (2)C


Ransome Road PitGPC

DT: BorAAA (Northampton Nene AC) AWA RAVENSTHORPE Ravensthorpe Reservoir Another AWA fishery, Ravensthorpe is rated one of the more picturesque. It is a trout fishery stocked regularly and produces fish averaging 1 lb. The records for the water: brown (8 lb oz); rainbow (4 lb 6 oz)T?-DT: K or ARO (AWA, Cliftonville, Northampton)! t AWA RUSHDEN


Sywell Reservoir A coarse fishery noted for specimens, including tench to 6 lb and pike to 20 lb, Sywell is leased to the Wellingborough Nene AC who accept season members. THRAPSTON

Thrapston Gravel Pits This mixed coarse fishery, controlled by Coventry AA, can produce bream in excess of 7 lb,. There is an abundance of roach, some tench and carp, and pikeC DT: (L100, Sat & Sun only) BKAWA WELFORD Sulby ReservoirjC DT: K (Mrs Davis at farm at waterside)STWA


This northerly county is not noted for the number of chances it offers the still water angler. BRUNSWICK VILLAGE Big Waters (L) (1), (P) (1) This is one of the only developed still water coarse fisheries in the county and, for that reason, is extremely popular. It also explains why ticket facilities are only offered to bona fide visitors to the area by advance applicationC

DT (also includes some fishing on Seaton Burn): (L6)AAA(Big Waters AC. NB: This is a special kind of day ticket operated by this club under what they call the Guest Scheme. Advance application absolutely essential)! NWAe

BELSAY Bolam LakeC


Whittle Dene Reservoirs (7) Fish here average less than 1 lb and anything over 2 lb is good. Stocking takes place once a seasonTT (except one reservoir where spinning is permitted after May 1 and in other two after June 30)

DT:(L20)KorAK(F. Palmer, Whittle Dene Reservoirs, Corbridge.Tel:Wylam3210).-Apr 1-Sept30NWA KIRKWHELPINGTON Sweethope Loughs (2) Controlled by the Percy Arms Hotel, Otter-burn, one lough offers fly only fishing for trout, the other, coarse fishing. Trout average less than 1 lb and anything over1JlbisgoodC(1 lough)T (1 lough)Mtrout lough only)

DT: (L5introutlough, nolimitfor C)AK (at Lake House or tel: 08304-249) x (Trout lough only) -.(by special arrangement)NWA