Oxford Canal

This 91-mile canal, completed in 1790, links the Coventry Canal just north of that city with Oxford and the Thames. From Oxford the canal flows north through Banbury to its junction with the Grand Union at Napton. This section of the canal contains roach, dace, bream, some tench, some chub (odd fish going 4 lb), perch, pike and smaller species like bleak and gudgeon. From Napton the short distance east to Braunston Junction, this canal and the Grand Union Main Line are one and the same. At Braunston, the Oxford turns north-west again to connect with the Coventry Canal at Hawkesbury. Fish in this section tend to be much smallerthan those in the lower reaches. Fishing on the canal is controlled almost throughout by associations, many of whom offer ticket facilities. Major associations with season membership open to all on this canal are: Banbury and Dist AA; Coventry AA; London AA; and Rugby Federation of Anglers. Rod Licences: TWA, Oxford-Fenny Compton; STWA (Severn River Division).