Though still water fisheries exist in fair numbers in this county, the majority are either private or association controlled. Tackle dealers in this area, and especially in Oxford itself, are friendly and the likeliest source of further information.


Clattercote ReservoirC DT: ATS (The Suitcase, Church Lane, Banbury) or AAA (Banbury &DistAA)TWA BUSCOT

Buscot LakesL (2)C DT: BTWA EYNSHAM

Farmoor No 2 ReservoirT DT (NB: No tickets for No 1 Reservoir): BTWA LECHLADE

Bushyleaze Another comparatively new put-and-take fishery, this 22-acre gravel pit yields browns averaging 1 lb (best so far: 1 lb2oz) and rainbows averaging 1] lb (big-gest: 3 lb 14oz)T?-DT: ARO (M. Pollard, Rainbows End, Linch Hill Fishery, Stanton Harcourt.Tel: Standlake 774).–Apr15-Oct15TWA

STANTON HARCOURT Lynch Hill Trout PoolT- DT: BTWA WOODSTOCK Blenheim Palace Lake One of Bri-tain’s best-known stately homes boasting one of the country’s best Stillwater coarse fisheries. The main attraction here are the big shoals of tench which sometimes yield huge catches. Visitors are not permitted to fish from the bank, only from the punts specially providedC DT: ARO (Estate Office, Blenheim Palace) —TWAe SALOP

Like Cheshire, many of the lakes in Shropshire are known as meres and some are noted for producing really big bream into double figures. Many more waters are known to us in this county than those which appear below, a fact which underlines that more than a fair number are private or controlled by associations with limited memberships. When confronted by this kind of water, careful enquiry may produce rewards. Trout fishing is distinctly hard to find here.


Knighton Reservoir Coarse fishing here is by Stoke City AA season permit, readily available from tackle shops in Stoke on Trent, Stafford, Stone, or Newcastle under Lyme.


DT:AP (at lakeside) STWA


A number of meres in this area offer excellent opportunities for the visitor, notably Blakemere, Elles-mere and Whitemere. Some double figure bream have been caught here. These waters also offer perch, pike, roach, and tench. Blakemere LC

DT: ATS (Ellesmere)P (Red Lion, Ellesmere)ai Ellesmere LC DT(nobankfishing): K(Warden’s bungalow, Cremorn Gardens) — Whitemere LC DT:K (at cottage near water) or ATSP (Red Lion, Ellesmere) & HODNET

Hawkstone Park Lake Controlled by the Hawk Lake Trust, this is another prolific Shropshire coarse fish water. Catches of tench have topped 220 lb and of carp, 300 lb. Top specimens include: carp (21 lb); roach (2 lb 10 oz); rudd (4 lb); perch (4 lb 4 oz); pike (21 lb)C DT:(L130)BSTWAe

LYDBURY NORTH Walcot Lakes These lakes fronting Walcot Hall, former home of Clive of India, were created by Clive himself when he returned from his campaigns, the lakes being excavated by his troops. Today they offer excellent coarse fishing with carp, large eels, specimen pike and tench the most sought species. The fishing is controlled by Birmingham AA, which anyone can join on application.


Trench Pool ReservoirC

DT: BorAP(ShropshireArms, Trench, known locally as ‘Blue Pig’) orAAA(SommerfeldsAC)(if fully booked for matches)STWA


Sunderton (also known as Dell)LC DT: ATS (Ebrall Bros., Smithfield Road, Shrewsbury) — STWA


Brown Moss PondsC

DT: K (Site Warden)STWAFishing may betemporarily suspended here because of changing water levels