Fly Fishing on Coldingham Loch

It is early spring and we join Bill on Coldingham Loch in Berwickshire, Scotland. The spring-fed loch lies 135m (450ft) above sea level and less than 360m (1200ft) from precipitous crags just west of St. Abb’s Head. Were it not for Tunlaw – a hill at the northerly end of the loch – the watersContinue Reading

Fly Fishing on the River Wharfe

The peat-coloured river is low on this hot, bright day in July. We meet John on Barden Bridge near Skipton, North Yorkshire. After a welcoming handshake, he threads his floating DT6 fly line through the rings of his 9ft (2.7m) Powell fly rod. Determined to meet the challenge of the Wharfe, he sets off forContinue Reading

Fishing on the River Usk

It’s a lovely view. The sparkling, limpid waters of a Welsh river swirl past, beyond the fields a picturesque village nestles in a fertile green valley… But, well frankly, no one’s in the mood for it. We’re here to catch fish. We’re keeping it a secret, but this isn’t the first time that Phil GibbsContinue Reading

Fishing on the River Avon with Charles Jardine

Avon Springs has 1400m (1525yd) of single bank chalk stream fishing on the River Avon. A catch-and-release policy is in effect after reaching the limit of two brawn trout. Grayling fishing is also catch-and-release. The fishery also has two lakes, one of five and one of two acres, stocked with brown and rainbow trout fromContinue Reading

Fishing On the Spey with Arthur Oglesby

Just past Grantown-on-Spey we park near a stone-built bridge which regally spans the tea-coloured river. The trail down to the water is well trodden. We pass through poplars and pines down to Lurg (pool 29) – where an Arctic north-westerly wind welcomes us to the valley. The riverbank teems with screeching oystercatchers, their bright orangeContinue Reading

A day fishing on Grafham Water

Bob Church, based in Northampton, manufactured fly rods and other tackle. An England International, he’s won gold, silver and bronze medals in World Championship competitions. ‘If you’re going to keep a trout and want it to look nice, then kill it right away and lay it flat in the boat covered with a damp cloth.Continue Reading

Fishing on the Derbyshire Wye

On this frosty, windless day in January Chris Lee’s quarry is the elegant grayling — in his estimation by no means just a mere ‘Lady of the stream. For him, the grayling is the Queen of the rivers. Though she wears a modest crown of colours on her dorsal fin, her real beauty lies inContinue Reading

A day fishing on the upper Teifi

We meet Moc on a warm July morning, sitting on a bench outside the Talbot Hotel in Tregaron. This is where his fishing career started over 50 years ago – the young Moc got paid threepence a time for pulling the gentry’s waders off. His own fishing has come a long way since then. MocContinue Reading

Avington trout fishery

‘Small fishery, big fish’ – that sums up the character of Avington fishery, near Winchester. In the anglers’ room there’s a trout mounted in a large, bow-fronted glass case. The monster rainbow was reared by fishery manager Roy Ward. Sadly, it died before being stocked and was not caught. It weighed a massive 12.25kg (27lb).Continue Reading