Persevere with heavier line

In colder weather, the line thickness problem is even more pronounced. Fortunately, in winter weeds are not present and very often finer line can be used without seriously handicapping your chances of landing the fish. In most cases where there is a fair chance that carp hooked on light line will be lost in snags or weeds, it is better to persevere with heavier line. Fishing may be slower, but remember that a carp hooked and lost is most unlikely to take the same bait again for a long time.

On larger waters, fishing at a distance is sometimes necessary. This is not difficult with larger paste-type baits, but can be a pro-blem with particle baits. If allowed, a small inflatable dinghy can be very useful for baiting up. Alternatively a large swimfeeder, using damp groundbait to block the ends, can be used; or the particle bait can be frozen in ice cubes in the refrigerator and taken to the water in large-necked flasks. Frozen paste-type baits also cast much farther, and remain on the hook while casting. Otherwise, a small piece of crust with PVA on the bend of the hook will stop the bait coming off during a long cast.