Another chalk stream, this small exclusive water is linked to the Der-went via Costa Beck. A few chances available for the visitor on this predominantly trout water. RICCAL

A tributary of the Rye, the Riccal rises on the North Yorkshire Moors and flows south to join the Rye below Harome. It is trout fishing with some chance for visitors. Nunnington, N YorksMon the Nunnington estateRB DT: K (D. Grice, Oswaldkirk Road, Nunnington. Tel: Nunnington 247) orARO (Estate Office, Nunnington Hall. Tel: Nunnington 202)Apr1-Sept30e


A short stretch of water to the south-east of Ripon linking the Ouse with the Ure.

Ripon, N. YorksM1J miles from Ouse to junction with UreTP DT and WT: A(B. Wain, 82, Bondgate, Ripon)P (Brewers Arms, 2, Bondgate Green, Ripon)YWAe


This little river, tributary of the Don, flows from the moors outside Shef-field to join the River Loxley in the Malin Bridge area of the city. The river – and its associated dams – was once a useful trout fishery but became badly overgrown. The city’s Recreation Department have carried out major clearing operations and some re-stocking, sadly without any signs yet of a real return to past form for the river. Sheffield, S YorksT6 miles from Rivelin Valley Post Office to WalkleyBankTiltDamBB Free fishing(L at discretion of Bailiff)e


A completely polluted tributary of the Don which rises south of Chesterfield and joins the Don at Rotherham. It is entirely fishless.


Rising on the Cleveland Hills at Ryehead, this river, tributary of the Derwent, flows from the moors to Helmsley and on to Nunnington, where it becomes more sluggish, before joining the Derwent near Wykeham. In the upper reaches, it is trout and grayling fishing with fly only often the rule. Further down coarse fish begin to be encountered. Some opportunities exist for the visitor though usually on a limited basis.

Hawnby, N YorksT 4 miles from Arden Hall to Shaken BridgeBB DT:AH (Hawnby Hotel, Hawnby)e

Nunnington, N YorksT -11J miles from above Stone Bridge to notice boards (known as Nunnington Fishery Top Water)BB DT: (L4)K (D. Grice, Oswaldkirk Road, Nunnington.Tel: Nunnington 247) or ARO (Estate Office, Nunnington Hall.Tel: Nunnington 202)-Apr 1-Sept 30e

Nunnington, NyorksM1 mile from below Ford Mill to NessBB DT:(L25)K(D. Grice, Oswaldkirk Road, Nunnington.Tel: Nunnington 247) or ARO (Estate Office, Nunnington Hall.Tel: Nunnington 202 Apr 1-Sept30e

Associations: Hull and District AA; York and District Amalgamation; Leeds ASA.


A tributary of the Rye, the Seph rises in the Cleveland Hills and follows the B1257 road south to join the Rye nearHawnby. It is trout and grayling fishing.

Hawnby, N YorksT 6 miles from Malkin BowertoShaken BridgeRB DT: AH (Hawnby Hotel, Hawnby)


Another exclusive small stream draining the North Yorkshire moors, this Rye tributary offers no chance of ticket fishing. It contains trout and grayling and some coarse fish of other species.


Another fine fishery, the Swale, a tributary of the Ure, results from the junction of two becks high in the Yorkshire hills at Keld. From there, it flows through upper Swaledale picking up small tributaries ontheway to Mukerand thence to Richmond. Below this pleasant market town, it starts to swing south through Catterick, Topcliffe, and Cundall to join the Ure below Boroughbridge at the point known as Swale Nab. Again, it is mostly trout fishing in the upper reaches but once Richmond is reached, the glorious coarse fish potential of the Swale begins to make its mark in reaches abounding in barbel, chub and other coarse fish. Baldersby, N YorksM1 mile downstream from gas pipe bridgeRB

DT:ATS (Moss’s, Thirsk) Catterick, N YorksM150yards upstream of Catterick Bridgeand one mile (RB) from A1 Bridge to Darlington Brown Trout AA notice board DT:AAA(ThornabyAA)

Catterick, N YorksC 1 mile at


DT: AH (Bridge House Hotel,


Grinton, N YorksT5j miles from a point upstream of Grinton Bridge to Isles BridgeRB

DT:AAA (Thornaby AA)e

Maunby, N YorksC3 miles upstream from MaunbyLB DT: AP (Buck Inn, Maunby)Jun 1-Feb Morton-upon-Swale, N YorksM 4 miles from Morton Bridge to Far


DT: AK (J. Grainger, Morton upon


Pickhill, N YorksMTwo fields (about 500 yards) at New Leys


DT: A AA (Thornaby AA)

Reeth, N. YorksT1miles at Reeth —Black Bull, Reeth Richmond, NyorksCT18 miles from Marske to Great LangtonAB DT: (L10 between Oct 1-Feb 28. June 1-Sept 30, no limit below Richmond)ATS (Richmond) or AAA (Richmond and District AS) Skipton-on-Swale, N YorksM J mile above Skipton Bridge (RB) and s mile below bridge (AB) DT (Mon-Sat only): ATS (Moss’s, Thirsk) Topcliffe, N YorksM 1 j miles from 1 mile above Topcliffe Weir to J milebelowAB

DT: AP (Black Bull,Topcliffe)-


Associations: Leeds ASA; Bradford City AA; Thornaby AA; Bradford No. 1 AA.

Swale Records

Match Catch Records: 6 hour 59-15-3 R Bowers in club match Sept 1 5 hour 59-13-0 K Addison in club match Aug 1 4 hour41-12-8 B Rudge in open match June 1

Barbel: 10-8-0TSingleton (luncheon meat) Aug 1

Chub: 7-8-0 Major R H Peacock

June 1

Dace: 0-14-0 R Jenkins 1

Pike: 24-0-0 A Moss (livebaif) Sept 1

Roach: 2-4-0 A Varley 1

Trout: 7-12-0 D Moore (worm) July 1