A typical Devonshire river, the Plym rises on Dartmoor and reaches the English Channel at Plymouth. Its estuary leads into the extensive and magnificent Plymouth Sound. It is a game river containing salmon, sea trout and brown trout, the latter offering the most sport. Rod Licence: SWWA Plymouth, DevonTSTS5 miles from Plym Bridge to Riversford AB DT: (L2)ATS (Stafford’s, 179, Union Street, Plymouth)tfe

Sheepstor,DevonTSTS-(forT & ST)From Sheepstor parish boundary to junction with Blacka Brook (RB); from Blacka Brook to Bickleigh Bridge (BB) Dtand WT: ATS (Barkells, 15, Duke Street, Tavistock)

Plym Tributary


Rising south-east of Princetown on Dartmoor, the Meavy almost immediately enters Burrator Reser-voir, flowing on to join the Plym near Shaugh Prior. It offers trout and the chance of salmon and sea trout.

Dousland, DevonTSTS-(for T& ST)From Burrator Reservoir to Marchants Bridge (AB); from Gratton Bridgetopoint250yards above Hooe Meavy Bridge (BB); from Hooe Meavy Bridge to Goodameavy Bridge (RB); from Goodameavy Bridge to Shaugh Bridge (BB)

DT and WT: ATS (Barkells, 15, Duke Street, Tavistock)e Polperro Brook

This little Cornish stream rises near Plynt and flows six miles south to enter the sea at that popular and picturesque little port, Polperro. It contains small trout. Rod Licence: SWWA Polperro, Cornwall T6 miles source to mouth BB Free fishing Port Soderick. See Isle of Man Poulter. See R. Trent Ray. See R. Thames Rawthey. See R. Lune Reach Lode. See R. Great Ouse Rede. See R.Tyne Rhiw. See R. Severn Rib. See R.Lee