Severn Records

Match Catch Records: 6 hour 83-5-0 D Lee in club match 1 5 hour 82-15-0 A Cunningham in open match July 1 4 hour 74-12-8 R Baker in open match 1 2} hour44-0-0 G Morris in open event June 1

Barbel: 12-4-0 E Bayley (caster)

July 1

Carp: 13-0-0 R Green (maggot)

June 1

Pike: 29-8-0 F/lt Burton 1

Roach: 2-14-0 M Taylor (maggot)

Sept 1

Trout: 6-2-0 J H Lemon (livebait)

Sept 1

Shrewsbury, SalopC2 miles from Pimley to UffingtonLB DT: ATS (Ebrall Bros., Smithfield Road, Shrewsbury! Shrewsbury, SalopCS5 miles from Mountfields to Belvedere PaddocksBB

DT: B (for (C) only)A (for (S) )TS (Shrewsbury)RO (Oakley Manor, Belle Vue Road, Shrewsbury)! e Stourport-on-Severn, Here& WorcC1} miles at Stourport, 1] miles above bridge, J mile belowRB DT:B

Stourport-on-Severn, Here& WorcM350 yards (RB) from oldslip J mile above Lincombe Weir to red sandstone cliff; 500yards from a point 150 yards below tail of island at Lincombe Lock (LB); from hedge below Lincombe Island (RB) down to upper extreme of Hampstall Hotel Water Free to holders of STWA rod licencese Stourport-on-Severn, Here & WorcC 1J miles from Ribbesford toStourportRB

DT (weekdays only): (L 100)K or AAA (Lyttleton AA) Stourport-on-Severn, Here & WorcCFishing at Lincombe Lock DT: K (Lincombe Lock)

Stourport-on-Severn, Here &

WorcCS300 yards at


DT: AH (Hampstall Cider House,

Astley Burf, Stourport)- ‘Spring run only (S)

Tewkesbury, GlosC 10 miles from

Tewkesbury to Gloucester! AB

DT: K (at Haw Bridge only) or ATS (Gloucester)

Tewkesbury, GlosCSJ milefrom

J mile above weir to Lower Lode LB


Upton-on-Severn, Here & Wore

C 1,500 yards above the railway bridgeatUptonRB

Free to holders of STWA rod licences

Upton on Severn, Here & Wore

Cthe length known asthe Upton

Town Water AB

DT(may be limited on Sat &

Sun):ATS (Upton on Severn)e

Welshpool, PowysM3 milefrom Leighton Bridge to Derelict WeirLB DT(but usually match booked on Sunday): ATS (Bond’s, Hall Street, or Millingtons, Church Street, both Welshpool)P (Westwood Park Hotel) Welshpool, PowysCTS 1 mile at LeightonRB DT: AAA (Liverpool and Dist AA)

Welshpool, Powys!CT!S; 30 miles in area (inc. tributaries) DT: ATS (The Trading Post, 3, Church Street, Welshpool) Worcester, Here & WorcCSFrom Worcester Bridge to Severn-Trent WA notice board above Diglis WeirRB

DT:ARO (STWA Office, 139, Church Street, Malvern)e Coarse and trout fishing and, occasionally, salmon fishing rentable by season. Apply Bernard Thorpe and Partners, Fishery Dpt., Broad Street, Hereford (Tel: 0432/6202). Beats occasionally availableforsale. Associations: Extensive Birmingham AA control. Centres include Llanidloes, Caersws, Newtown, Aberbechan, Forden, Buttington, Pool Quay, Criggion, Llandrinio Bridge, CrewGreen, Alberbury, Montford Bridge, Bicton, Underdale, Berrington, Cound Lodge, Buildwas, Bridgnorth, Eardington, Quatford, Hampton Loade, Highley, Arley, Bewdley, Ribbesford, Holt Fleet, Grimley, Hallow, Severn Stoke, Upton on Severn, Uckinghall, Bushley, Ripple, Mythe Bridge, Chaceley, Apperley and Maisemore. Other assns: Worcester & District UAA; Whitmore Reans CAA; Coventry AA; Kidderminster & Dist AA; Montgomeryshire AA; Warrington AA.

Severn Tributaries and Associated Waters