Sheffield & South York-shire Navigation

Completed in 1751, this canal was cut to carry the products of the Sheffield steel industry and the Yorkshire coalfield to the Humber via the Trent at Keadby. Until comparatively recent times, the section belowDoncasterto Keadby was a mecca for anglers and housed some of the richest matches in the sport. Then pollution struck, in the form of water pouring from the River Don into the canal. Today, there are signs that this section of the canal is making a comeback thanks to efforts to combat the pollution and massive re-stocking operations. Local anglers have been really surprised at some of the catches they have made recently though it would be wrong to suggest the canal is yet fishing with consistency. There are, however, definitely those in the Doncaster region with high hopes that the lower section of this canal may soon return to its former glory.

Excellent catches of bream and roach (some nets topping 40 lb) have been taken recently. Also reported are a few sizeable carp, the result of an experimental stocking some years ago. Results have been best at the Keadby end.

This canal runs from Sheffield, via Rotherham, Mexborough, Don-caster and Thorne to Keadby, the fishing being controlled by the Stainforth and Keadby Canal Joint Angling Committee, a group of angling associations in the area.

Some clubs are attempting matches on the canal these days and it is to the secretary of this committee that enquiries for these facilities should be made. Above Doncaster, the canal is a write-off except for a brave experiment being conducted in the heart of Sheffield’s industrial east end at Tinsley where, to everyone’s sur-prise, tests of the water showed it to be in perfect condition to support fish life.

Operating this experiment are the Tinsley and District Angling Clubs Association, a grouping of small clubs based on pubs in the area. Re-stocking has taken place but it is too early to say whether this fishing – at present reserved for club members only – will amount to anything. Rod Licences: STWA (Trent River Division).