Slow sinking lines

With slow sinking lines, the term ‘slow’ can vary in meaning from manufacturer to manufacturer, because there has never been stan-dardization of terms in this context, but matters seem to be improving, with many firms now offering a full range of densities, so that if a slow sinker is purchased from a range which includes medium and fast sinkers the angler is on safe ground. The use of a slow sinker does not greatly differ from that of a sink tip, in that it can be used to take fish ‘on the drop’, or at slow to medium speed retrieve in stillwaters, and in the medium-running or deeper rivers. Nymphs can be fished on slow sinkers, but more commonly the larger wet flies and lures are used. The take of a fish is signalled, as with all sinking lines, by that familiar tug transmitted to the retrieving hand.

Medium sinking lines

Medium sinkers, as may be ex-pected, sink faster than the slow sinkers, and are therefore more suited to deeper or fasterflowing water, and to faster than medium speed retrieves. However, with max-imum speed lure stripping, the lure itself will rise very close to the sur-face, which can be an advantage especially when the fish are working in the upper levels but demand a fast moving lure which does not break the surface.