Stour (Dorset)

Though some think of the Dorset Stour as a tributary of the Hampshire Avon since it joins the latter just before it enters the sea at Christchurch, most anglers very much consider the Stour a river in its own right. Rising on the Wiltshire Downs above Stourton, the river takes a south-eastern course through centres such as Stal- bridge, Blandford and Wimborne before joining the Avon. Though the river offers coarse fish throughout its length, with the roach fishing particularly good, the more highly rated centres, like the famous Throop Fishery at Hol-denhurst, are in the lower reaches. Roach apart, the Stour also offers fine chub and barbel. Trout are most in evidence in the middle and upper reaches. The river also attracts salmon and sea trout and while runs of these fish are not as big as some others, the fish caught tend to be large. The best times for migratory fish are said to be late July and towards the end of the season in late Septemberand early October. Sea trout are mainly caught in the extreme lower reaches while salmon have been reported up to Wimborne. Ticket opportunities are reasonable to good with Throop being easily the most popular centre. Rod Licence: WWA Blandford, DorsetC8 miles from Durweston Bridge to Crawford Bridge, SpetisburyLB DT: ATS (Blandford) & e Bournemouth, Dorset CI mile from Brecon Close to Shelley LodgeRB Free fishing

Christchurch, Dorset C 1} miles from Christchurch to Iford BridgeJBB DT: ATS (Taylor’s Tackle, Barrack Road, Christchurch) or AAA (ChristchurchAC) Corfe Mullen, DorsetCTSJ mile in area (including fishing on island inriver)LB

DT: AH (The Old Mill Hotel, Corfe


Durweston, DorsetC3 miles from

Preshaw Wood (N.W. Corner) to road bridge at Durweston)RB

DT: (L 10APO (Durweston) or

AAA (Durweston AS)

Gillingham, DorsetC6milesfrom

Huntingford to Fifehead Magdalen and further 1 mileat Fontmell


DT:ATS (Gillingham)

Holdenhurst, DorsetCSTS5j miles from above Martins Pool to

Oak Tree Pool (Throop fisheries)BB

DT: AK (E. Leah, South Lodge,

Holdenhurst)TS (Taylor’s Tackle,

Christchurch (C)only)e

Little Canford, DorsetCT3 mile from point below Canford School to Iron Bridge below Manor


DT:AF (Mrs Abbott, Manor Farm)

Northbourne, DorsetCT2 mile from just belowWest Parley Bridge to caravan parkRB Free fishing Stalbridge, DorsetM5J miles Cale


DT: ATS (Meaders, Stalbridge)P (StalbridgeArms)e

Sturminster Newton, DorsetC 7 miles centred on Sturminster


DT: ATS (Sturminster Newton)

P (White Hart, Sturminster


Wimborne Minster, DorsetCT 3 milesfrom Julian’s Bridge down to Canford Bridge Dorset Stour Records

Barbel:113-14-OPMays (hempseed) Oct 1

Bream: 7-0-0 E Hill Aug 1

Carp: 10-12-OR Field Nov 1

Chub:8-8-0captorunknown 1

Perch: 4-12-0captorunknown (maggot) July 1

Pike:2 39-7-0 G F Parrott Mar 1

Roach: 3-8-0 B Cox (cheese) Aug 1

Salmon: 48-0-0 S Tomkins (golden sprat) 1

Trout: 9-0-0 F Brookesmith May 1 ‘two fish bigger than this have been reported at Throop. The first, weighing 14-12-0, wasfoulhooked by a salmon angler in the coarse fish close season in May 1955; the second, scaling 16-4-0,tooka spinner during the 1961 close season. ‘there are suggestions that this fish was netted and not caught on rod and line.

DT (Fishing from boats only):A(Newman’s Boatyard, Canford Bridge) — (upper reaches often inaccessible because of low water levels)