Stour (Kent)

Rising near Ashford, the Stour cuts north-east across the Kent coun-tryside to Canterbury, this section of the river also being known as the Great Stour. From Canterbury, the river continues to flow north-east until it swings round near West Stourmouth towards Sandwich and its estuary. Flowing for much of its course through the North Downs, the Stour has some of the characteristics of a chalk stream, a factor which perhaps explains why trout are found as far down as Canterbury. At and below this point, coarse fish become much more common. The river also attracts a run of sea trout. Largely association controlled, the river offers some opportunities for the casual visitor. Rod Licence: SWA Canterbury, KentCj mile section within city boundary (except municipal gardens)LB Freefishing

Canterbury, KentC4milesfrom

Grove Ferry to Plucks GutterBB

DT:BK or AAA (Canterbury and


Sandwich, KentC1 mile from

Minster road to Vigo Sluice

Free fishing

Wye, KentC200 yards below stationLB

Stour Tributary


Another chalk stream, the main centre for this river is Pluck’s Gutter where coarse fish, especially bream and roach, predominate. Upstream there are trout. Pluck’s Gutter, KentC3 miles from Plucks Gutter upstreamBB DT: BorAP(DogandDucklnn)