Stillwater opportunities for the angling visitor to Sussex are very good whether for coarse fish or for trout. There are numerous convenient centres.



Weir Wood Reservoir This is an extremely good SWA fishery with a high total catch, its fish – browns and rainbows – averaging 1 lb. Biggest fish: brown trout (5 lb 7 oz); rainbow (4 lb 6 oz)Tr DT: TOTM or ARO (Recreation Officer, Weir Wood Reservoir, Forest Row, E. Sussex) -Apr 1-Sept30SWA HASTINGS

Buckshole ReservoirC DT:BorAK(T.Barton,51,St. Helens Park Road, Hastings)SWA Clive ValeR (2)C DT: B or A (43, Rye Road, Hastings)SWAe




DT: BorA43, Rye Road, HastingsSWAe


DT: B or AK (T. Barton, 51, St. Helens Park Road, Hastings)SWA NUTLEY Boringwheel Another of the fly only put-and-take trout waters which has gone in for really big rainbows, a string of superb fish being the result. The biggest, according to our records, was a fish of 14 lb 8 oz taken by Mr M Parkin in July 1976. The same day he had another fish of 11 lb 8 oz – surely the biggest brace of these fish ever taken in a single outing anywhere in Britain! All told, Boringwheel seems to have five double figure rainbows to its credit. The water is also stocked with browns. Access is limited. Serious enquirers should apply to the owner at Boringwheel House, Cackle Street, near Nutley, Sussex.

Peppingford Lakes C DT:BSWAe


Darwell Reservoir Another fine trout fishery, Darwell is one more water which offers the chance of big rainbows, in this case to more than 8 lb. Fish here average 1 lb.

The best brown weighed just over lbT

DT: K (at Fishing Hut) – =Apr 1-



Great Sanders Reservoir Also known as Powdermill, this trout fly fishery offers fish averaging 1 lb. Best fish: brown trout (5 lb 5 oz); rainbow (4 lb 3 oz)Tr DT:(L10)K (at Fishing Hut)x=Apr1-Oct29SWAe

UCKF1ELD Pirtdown PondC

Free fishingSWA


ASHINGTON Laybrook LakesC

DT: ATS (K. Dunham, Marine Place, Worthing; LagoonTackle, 357, The Kingsway, Hove; Tarring Sports, Tarring Road, WorthingSWAe

CHICHESTER Chichester Gravel PitsC

WT: ATS (in area) or AAA (Chichester AS)SWA Southern Leisure Centre (GP) This privately operated fishery offers specimen coarse fish, especially perch, pike, roach and rudd.C DT: BTOSWA


DT: ATS (D. J. Coles, 42, Darley Dale, Southgate, West Crawley; Kirkman’s Ltd, Boulevard, Crawley; Town Angler.The Market, High Street, Crawley)TWA

NORTH MUNDHAM Peckham’s Copse Another excellent trout water, this privately owned fishery has one of the highest returns in the county. The two lakes are stocked regularly with the accent on rainbows. Brownsaverage 1J lb and rainbows 2 lb with the proportion of bigger fish exceptionalT DT: TO or ARO (Southern Leisure Centre, Vinnetrow Road, Chichester)’-Apr1-Oct29SWA PETWORTH Burton MillLC DT: (L 16)AK(W. J. Wakeford, 390a, High Hoes, Petworth; Tel: Petworth 42647) — SWA