Rising on Mynydd Prescelly, this river, not to be confused with the Taff in Glamorgan, flows down through the hills to Whitland where it swings east to St Clears and the estuary which carries it into Carmarthen Bay. It attracts runs of sea trout (best from June) and salmon and also offers brown trout. There is some access for vis-itors.

Rod Licence: WNWDA (South West Wales River Division) St Clears, DyfedTSTS1 mile from Venture Life bridge, near St ClearsLB

DT: ATS (Carmarthen, Llandeilo, Llanelli)PO (Nantgaredig)Mar 10-Oct 7 (S) / (ST) Marl O-Sept 30 (T)

Whitland, DyfedTS4 miles in Whitland areaBB DT:ATSMar10-Oct Taf Tributary


Rising in the hills to the north of St

Clears, this river flows due south to meet the Taf at this Pembroke town. There are several chances for visitors.

Mydrim, DyfedT600 yards in

Pentowin Estate, Mydrim

DT: ATS (Carmarthen, Llandeilo, & Llanelli)PO (Nantgaredig)Mar 10-Sept

Taf Records

Salmon: 27-7-0 A Brewer Apr 1

Sea Trout: 12-0-0 Pjarrams July 1

Hit repeatedly by pollution, the angling community in the Taff Valley is still fighting hard to try to improve things in this river. The situation is still not good and this cannot be rated a water likely to interest the visitor unless his stay in the area is an enforced one. Restocking efforts with trout have, not surprisingly, succeeded best in the upper reaches and some of the tributaries. Occasional sea trout now seem to be managing what, for them, must be a difficult journey up this river. Rod Licence: WNWDA (Glamorgan Rivers Division)

Treharris, Mid GlamT4 miles from PontygwaithtoAbercynonBB DT:(L10)AAA (Treharris AA)-Mar1-Sept

Taff Tributaries


Bedlinog, Mid GlamT7 miles from


DT: (L 10)AK (E. Jones, 52, Hilton

Terrace, Bedlinog)


This river flows for 14 miles through the Rhondda Valley to meet the Taff at Pontypridd

Taff Record

Match Catch Record: 42-6-0 T

James in club match Feb 1

Tonypandy, Mid GlamT61 miles from Treorchy to Porth BB

DT: ATS (at Tonypandy, Porth,

Penygraig, Ystrad and

Treorchy)=Mar 1 -Sept

Treherbert, Mid GlamT4 miles from Treorchy to Blaencwm BB

DT: AF (J. Colliver.Tydraw Farm,



This flows in a separate valley and parallel to the Rhondda Fawr (above) but links with it at Porth to flow on to the Taff.

Maerdy, Mid GlamT]6 miles from Maerdy to Porth BB

DT: A(from 7, Richard Street or 37,

North Terrace, Maerdy)=Mar21-


Tarrell. See R. Usk