One of the major game rivers of the South West, the Tamar rises on the northern borders of Cornwall and Devon, almost immediately entering Upper and Lower Tamar Reservoirs . The course of the river marks the boundary between the two counties. Below the reservoirs, the river flows to Bridgerule then skirts Launceston before entering its long estuary above Plymouth. In addition to trout, the Tamar offers salmon and sea trout. Salmon are best sought in the late spring and early summer, especially when the



C coarse T trout ST sea trout S salmon M mixed fly only Location downstream

LB left bank

RB right bank

BB both banks

AB alternating banks

TP tow path

Type of water (L) lake (P) pond (R) reservoir (GP) gravel pit

Ticket control hotel fishery requiring residence DT: day ticket available: WT: weekly ticket available: (L) day tickets limited to number shown on any oneday B on bank TO from ticket office TM from ticket machine K from keeper or bailiff or A can be bought in advance A must be bought in advance AA from Angling

Association/club TS from tackle shop K from keeper or bailiff (not on site) P from pub H from hotel F from farmer RO from riparian owner C from cafe G from garage PO from post office Boats available x rowing boat — punt motor boat

Special points to note • ghillie available = open season if different from normal Sundayfishingnot available –WA Water Authority (for rod licence and close season) fV no rod licence required e special regulations apply water is dropping aftera spate. Sea trout – not as prolific as in the Fowey or Camel – are best from late June to early September with night fishers being the most successful. Hotels offer most opportunities for visitors to this river. Rod Licence: SWWA

Bridgerule, DevonT “ Stretches at Kilkhampton, Whitstone and North TamertonAB DT: AjTS (Wey’s, Queen Street, Bude. Cornwall, or C. & M. Tidball, Fors Street, Holsworthy, Devon) B

Launceston, CornwallTSTS 5 miles from Launceston to


DtandWT:ATS (Launceston)Imar 1-0ct 14 (S) ;


Lifton, DevonTSTS(Tand ST)20 miles of fishing on the Tamarand its tributaries, the Lyd, Thrushel, Carey and Wolf DT: AH (Arundel Arms Hotel, Lifton. Tel: Lifton 244. This hotel also offers courses in fly fishing. Hotel residentsgetpriorityfor permits) (For (S)) -Mar 16-Sept 30 (T) Mar 1 -Oct 14 (S) Mar 3-Sept 30(ST)lr.

Milton Abbot, DevonS9 miles between Greystones bridge and the estuary nearTavistockBB Endsleigh House Country Hotel, Milton Abbot. NB: allapplications for rods should be made in advance of hotel booking to Dr. W. E. Medd, Peterswood House, Ruxley Crescent, Claygate, Surrey. Tel: Esher64908)

Tavistock, DevonCTS – Fishing in area

DT: A;H(Bedford hotel,Tavistock! Fishing can also be arranged at this hotel on the Tavy and Walkham, both tributaries of the Tamar)

Tamar Tributaries


This river rises to the east of Hols-worthy to join the Tamar near Launceston.

Launceston, CornwallT J mile from Carey Foot to Heal BridgeRB Dtand WT: ATS (Launceston)l Mar1-Sept30e INNY

Rising in western Cornwall not far from the source of the Camel, the Inny flows across the county to reach the Tamar below Laun- ceston. It offers trout, sea trout and a small run of salmon.

South Petherwin, CornwallTS 2 miles in area

Dtand WT: A’TS (Launceston) =Mar 1-Oct 14 (S); Mar 15-Sept (T)e

Tregoiffe,CornwallTSTS Section adjoining Tregoiffe Farm and another upstream of Trekenner Bridge, both RB DT(notafterOct15):ATS(P. Gardner, Southgate Street, Launceston; W. S. Buckingham,40, Fore Street, Callington; Botterell’s, 6, Fore Street, Liskeard)PO(Rilla Mill, Callington) or AAA (Liskeard &Dist.AC) KENSEY

Another small Tamar tributary. Launceston, CornwallT 11J miles through LauncestonBB Dtand WT: ATS (Launceston) Mar1-Sept30e


Rising on Dartmoor, the Lyd flows west via Coryton to join the left bank of the Tamar near Launceston. It, too, offers trout, sea trout and salmon, the latter likeliest from September onwards. OTTERY

Another river rising in western Cornwall, the Ottery flows east to join the right bank of the Tamar above Launceston.

Launceston, Cornwall T “ 11J miles extending upstream from


Dtand WT: ATS(Launceston)


Tame (Gtr. Man). See R. Mersey Tame (Staffs). See R. Trent Tanat. See R. Severn