The National Anglers’ Council

This organisation is best described as the ‘thinktank’ for the other main national angling organisations and acts as the main link with the Government for anglers. Formed in 1966 at the suggestion of the Minister of Sport, Denis Howell, and the Sports Council, the NAC is pledged to work with the other organisations for the benefit of anglers. The NFSA, the NFA and the Salmon and Trout Association, together with the Fishmongers’ Company are the Founder Members of the NAC. The NAC’s aims are to protect the interests and, especially, the future of angling on every occasion whether it is a case of simply protecting existing fishing or opening up more water to anglers. An early success was the Council’s finding, through a national survey, that in 1970, the year of the survey, angling, with 2,790,000 adherents, was Britain’s biggest participant sport.

In addition to the Founder Members, the NAC also admits other clubs and individuals as members. It operates a free advisory service for all members and publishes newsletters and leaflets on subjects allied to the sport. Details of membership can be obtained from the Secretary, National Anglers’ Council, 5 Cowgate, Peterborough PE1 1LR. The NAC also has responsibility for running the British Record (Rod Caught) Fish Committee, the body which establishes national records for coarse, game and sea fish caught in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.