It would not be unreasonable to classify the Tay as one of the best Atlantic salmon rivers in the world, the claim accepting the existence of the Laerdal and Namsen in Norway, the famed Careysville beat on the Cork Blackwater in the Republic of Ireland and numerous other excellent waters. But it is in the consistency stakes that the Tay takes some beating .. . and no one has yet topped the 64 lb British record salmon taken by a woman at Caputh on the Tay in 1922.

It is a fascinating system and fearsome in a big spate. The Tay, which flows from Loch Tay at Ken-more, offers, from Ballinluig down, some of the finest salmon fishing available, even if spring runs have declined in recent seasons. It is at Ballinluig that the Tay joins the Tummel. In volume the Tay is Bri-tain’s biggest river and its length is more than 160 miles. Hotel and estate beat fishing is available though early booking is essential. There is also a town stretch at Perth where cheap salmon permits are available to visitors. Salmon tend to run through here fairly quickly but there isalwaysthechance.This section of the Tay has also become popular for coarse fishermen after roach, the latter big and believed some of the most northerly in the British Isles. These anglers should note that new bye-laws now require the instant killing of all roach caught.

Upstream of Perth, the fishing becomes more expensive – but better. The 10 miles between the upper tidal water and Islamouth can provide salmon sport at its ultimate. Even the numerous beats above this point, where the river is wide and deep flowing, produce significantly better than on many other Scottish waters, the beats being those like Stenton, Murthly, Caputh, Dunkeld, Dalguiseand Kin-naird. Before the river joins the Tummel, there are more excellent stretches at Logierait, Grandtully and in the Aberfeldy reaches.

Brown trout fishing in the Tay is excellent and the river has the size and quality of fishing available which permits salmon and trout anglers to enjoy their sport without a frequent clash of interest.

SOS: Feb 5-Aug 20 (Net); Jan 15-

Oct 15 (R&L)

Aberfeldy, Perths, TaysideT 2J miles as described on Aberfeldy AC permitRB

DT: ATS (Aberfeldy)(Sunday fishing only with weekly permit)

Aberfeldy, Perths, TaysideS2J miles from MenziesCastleto


WT: ARO (Major Neil Ramsay &

Co., Farleyer, Aberfeldy. Tel:

Aberfeldy 540)x Jan 15-Oct 15

Aberfeldy, Perths, TaysideTS 1} miles from Boltachan Burn to


DT: (L4)ARO (Killiechassie

Estate Office, Aberfeldy)!

Birnam, Perths, TaysideS2 miles of salmonfishing in area

Advance enquiry only to I. Redford,

Holmlea, Station Road, Errol or to

Birnam Hotel x j.=Jan 15-Oct

Dunkeld, Perths, Tayside

TSTS 1 I miles known as Kinnaird


Ticket enquiries: (L4)ARO (J. T.

Sutherland, Chartered Surveyor,

Bank of Scotland Buildings,

Brechin,Angus) x j…=Jan 15-


Dunkeld, Perths, TaysideTS reserved for club members only) ? 4 miles from

Inchmagranachan to BirnamAB


Dunkeld, Perths, TaysideTS ?-(for trout)2 miles downstream fromhotelRB ooOi Dunkeld House.

T:Dunkeld 243.26 rooms (21cJ-I).

NB: fishing may be available to non-residents if not fully booked) J. + =.Jan 15-Oct 15 (S)

Dunkeld, Perths, TaysideT miles from Inchmagranachan Farm to bridge at DunkeldRB

DT: ATS (R. Scott Miller, Atholl

Street, Dunkeld)

Errol, Perths, TaysideTSTS miles in areaBB

DT: TO (Holmlea, Station Road,

Errol)-j..=Jan 15-Oct 15

Grandtully, Perths, TaysideC (Grayling)TSFrom Grandtully to

BallechinBB -Grandtully. T:Strathtay 207. rooms (2cJ (Permitsfor

Grayling and Trout fishing available to non-residents.) x..Jan15-Oct15(S)

Kinclaven, Perths, Tayside S

Salmon beats in area

WT; (All enquiries in advance to J. G. Forsyth, Ballathie Estate

Office, Balamains, near Stanley,

Perthshire,Tel: Meikleour250) x

Kinclaven, Perths, TaysideT (after 5 pm only)Detail of section covered at hotel „Ballathie House, Kinclaven.

T:Meikleour 268.24 rooms (allcS HI) Annexe 8 rooms (allci 1). (Hotel also offers private lake fishing.)

Logiera’rt, Perths, TaysideCTS milesfrom Logieraitto point near


DT:AH(Logierait Hotel,

Logic-rait)— .itf (S)

Perth, Perths, TaysideC(Roach)

TSTS?- (in parts)3 milesfrom

North Inch to beyond harbourAB

DT:(L20)ARO (Director of

Finance, Perth & Kinross District

Council, 1, High Street, Perth)


Perth, Perths, TaysideCTSTS milesfrom Redgortonto


DT (not required for coarse fish)ATS (P. D. Malloch, 24, Scott

Street,Perth) v-j…

Perth, Perths, TaysideS 12 miles from Redgortonto MeikleourBB

DT: (L 5 per beat)ATS (P. D.

Malloch, 24, Scott Street,


Tay Record

Salmon: 64-0-0 Miss G W

Ballantine Oct 1

Salmon: 54-0-0 J Miller (plug) Oct 1

Roach: 2-6-8 G Tucker June 1 thisfish remainsthe British record. Other records we have suggest more than 20 salmon over 50 lb have been taken from the Tay, the best recent fish being one of

Ibtaken at Ballathie in Oct 1

Stanley, Perths, TaysideS1i miles known as the Stanley WaterRB

DT(onlyin Jan and Feb): (L6)

ARO (Ballathie Estate Office, nearStanley, Perth PH1 4QL) ‘Jan 15-Feb28s-

Stanley, Perths, TaysideS 11J miles on TaymountEstateRB

WT: All enquiriesto Bell-Ingram, 7, Walker Street, Edinburgh EH 7JYx

Weem, Perths, TaysideTS miles from Aberfeldy to Twin Trees (known as Weem Water)

DT:AH (Weem Hotel, Weem)