The Welsh Record Fish Committee

Another recently formed body, this Committee, set up by the Welsh Anglers’ Council, keeps records of sea freshwater fish caught in Wales. All claims should be sent to the Secretary, RGB Elliott, 16, Cambria Road, Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay (Tel: 0492 55666).

Tips for would-be Record Breakers

Always preserve your fish for inspection if pos-sible, preferably alive. photograph it in a way which will give a good idea of its size and species. A ruler or tape lined up with the fish is useful. Always get as many reliable witnesses as possible to your capture. Always weigh the fish as soon as possible on accurate scales. Make sure the weigher is an independent person and get him to certify the weight. Again get witnesses and remember, too, that you may be expected to obtain a certificate from the local Weights and Measurement Department certifying the accuracy of the scales used to weigh your fish.

Details of fish records

Throughout this Guide, and especially in the freshwater sections, matters of record are pre-sented for many waters in an attempt to give an added perspective. This material has been pro-vided by Angling News Services, the Sheffield-based agency which, for some years now, has

Where will you fish

Already there’s been one Commons motion to ban all so-called blood sports. And there are bound to be more.