A major Parrett tributary, the Tone rises near Exmoor National Paik and almost immediately enters Clatworthy Reservoir . For the 20 miles from here to Taunton, it is a fast flowing stream offering trout, grayling, dace and roach. Weirs in the town lead to increased depth and coarse fish, especially chub, dace, and roach, predominate. Below Taunton, the river becomes deeper and wider,

Ticket opportunities are reasonable.

Taunton, SomersetCSections between Taunton and Atherly AB DT: ATS (Bridge Sports, Taunton)e Taunton, SomersetC300yards extending downstream from French WeirLB Free fishing Wellington, SomersetIVl2 miles from Wellington to Harpford


DT: AAA (Wellington AA)=Apr 15-Oct15e

Taunton, SomersetC5 miles from Taunton to Hook BridgeAB DT: ATS (Taunton)H (St. Quintin Hotel, Caravan & Camping Park, Taunton) — (at caravan park)

Taunton, SomersetT12 miles from Taunton to WellisfordAB DT:ATSe WEST SEDGEMOOR MAIN DRAIN

Cut in the ‘forties, this water drains land to the south of the Parrett and enters it near Stathe. Entirely coarse fishing, the main species are bream, roach, tench and carp.

Stathe, Somerset C 1J miles from Stathe to PinkhamRB DT: ATS (Bridge Sports, Taunton)e YEO (SOMERSET)

Rising in the hills south of Yeovil, the Yeo almost immediately enters Sherborne Lake. From here to Yeovil, it is mixed fishing for trout and coarse fish. Below the town, weirs make for a deeper river and an ever greater preponderance of coarse fish by the time the river joins the Parrett above Langport. Some ticket opportunities exist for visiting anglers.

Yeovil, SomersetM7j miles from Sherborne to below YeovilAB DT: ATS (Hagas Fishing Centre, Silver Street, Yeovil) -Opens Apr 1 (T) Jun 16 (C)e llchester, SomersetC5 miles from RiverCamto Beary CornerAB DT: ATS (A. D. Coles, The Square, llchester) or AAA (llchester and Dist.AA)f Penk. See R.Trent Perry. See R. Severn Pickering Beck. See R. Ouse (Yorks)