The Torridge rises in north-west Devon just a few miles inland from Clovelly. It then flows south-east to Sheepwash where it turns back in a north-westerly direction, it’s course resembling a half circle before it enters its estuary above Torrington at Bideford. Another typical Devonshire game river, the Torridge contains trout and also attracts runs of salmon and sea trout. Equally typical for this area, salmon are most likely in late spring (April and May) while the sea trout run gains impetus from July onwards. Most of the best opportunities for visitors are controlled by hotels. Rod Licence: SWWA Beaford, DevonTSTS 1J miles below BeafordRB DT:(L3)ARO(Grp.Capt. P. Norton-Smith, Little Warham,

Beaford, Winkleigh, Devon. Tel: Beaford317)l.Jmarl-Sept30’-Milton Damerel, Holsworthy, DevonT -14 mile stretch near Woodford Bridge HotelBB DT: A]H (Woodford Bridge Hotel, Milton Damerel)

Sheepwash, DevcnTS 10 miles from Sheepwash to TorringtonBB DT:AH (Half Moon Inn, SheepwashlMarl-SeptSOl Torrington, DevonTSTS “Hon 5 of7beats after April 14)5miles fromBlinshamtoTorringtonBB DT: (L5)ARO(C. R. Rowe, Esq., The Holt, Appledore, Devon. Tel: Bideford3126)Mar1-Sept30!

Torridge Tributaries


Rising to the east of Okehampton, the Lew flows north to join the Tor-ridge near Hatherleigh. It offers similar fishing to the parent river. OKEMENT

Rising on Dartmoor, this riverflows north through Okehampton to join the Torridge on its right bank below Hatherleigh. It is rated best for trout.

Okehampton, Devon T 12 miles at OkehamptonLB DT:AF(Hill Barton Farm, Okehampton) Tove. See R. Great Ouse