Trent Tributaries

Note: Not every Trent tributary is listed below. Those excepted are private or of no account.


Offering trout and some coarse fish, this small tributary of the

Derbyshire Derwent links with the latter at Ambergate. It is private water with very little chance for the visitor.

Old Higham, DerbysT-11J miles downstream from Ogston Lane

BridgeAB -rHigham Farm Hotel, Old

HighamApr 1-Oct


A tributary of the highly polluted Tame, this small river offers some coarse fishing but also suffers from pollution. The river joins the Tame at Tamworth.

Tamworth,StaffsCi mileflanking Castle pleasure ground LB Free fishing BLYTHE

Another Tame tributary, the Blythe is being improved in some sections, notably around Coleshill. Only really accessible through associations.

Meriden. WarwicksCT (on Trout section) 3 miles within Packington estatesBB DT: (L14 for Trout, 40 for Coarse fishing)TO or ARO (Packington Fisheries, Broadwater, Maxstoke Lane, Meriden. Tel: Meriden 22754)=Mar 18-Oct 15 (T); Jun 16-Mar 14(C) e


A tributary of the Derbyshire Lath-kill near Bakewell which mostly offers exclusive fly fishing for trout. Youtgrave, DerbysT mile from Alport to YoulgraveBB DT: (L2)ARO (Estate Office, Haddon Hall, near Bakewell) =Apr 1-Sept30tfe


The Churnet, a tributary of the Dove, is formed by streams flowing from Tittesworth Reservoir and Rudyard Lake . It flows through Leek before joining the Dove. Mostly association controlled. Pollution problems have lessened. Leek, Staffs M 3 miles from Macclesfield Rd to Leek brook RB DT (available only to bona fide visitors to area): AAA (Leek and Moorlands FC) DERWENT (DERBYS) The most important Trent tributary for the angler, the Derwent finds its source in the Peak District in the series of Derwent reservoirs near Bamford, of which Ladybower is the biggest. For details of fishing here see Still Water section under Derbyshire. On its route through some of Derbyshire’s most beautiful countryside, including famous Chatsworth Park, the Derwent is a trout and grayling stream with no real opportunity for the visitor until Matlock is reached. By the time the river has reached Belper, coarse fish become more and more apparent offering the finest sport in the lower reaches of the river before it joins the Trent at Wilne. There are ticket and association facilities on the lower sections of the river. Baslow, Derbys[C (Grayling only)T6i miles from Calver to RowsleyBB rCavendish T: Baslow 2311. 13 rooms (all = 1)oApr15-Sept Derby, DerbysC3 miles from Five Arches Railway Bridge to Darley Abbey Weir DT:K Derby, DerbysM5 miles from Darley Weir to BorrowashAB DT:ATS (Derby) Duffield, DerbysM2J miles from Milford Bridge to Little EatonBB DT: ATSP (Bridge Inn, Duffield) or A AA (Derby Angling Federation) e Matlock Bath, DerbysM 100 yards from bridge to parkRB

DT: AH (Midland Hotel, Matlock

Bath) e

Rowsley, DerbysT 2 miles from

Rowsley Bridge to Duke’s SeatBB

MrOOPeacock, Rowsley. T:Darley

Dale 3518.15 rooms (441).

Annexe 6 rooms (1 = )).

Rowsley, DerbysT 11 mile from

Railway bridge to Primrose

WoodBB vGrouseand Claret Hotel,


Whatstandwell, DerbysM150 yards from bridge to foundry LB DT: AP (Derwent Hotel, Whatstandwell) e

Associations: Earl of Harrington

AC; Derby Railway Institute FC;

Belper AC; Chesterfield AA;

Derbyshire County Council AC (for coarse fishing at Borrowash to

Wilne only).


Rising at Knipton near Grantham, the Devon flows north to join the

Trent near Newark. An improving coarse fishery, it offers some ticket water for visitors.

Hawton, NottsC1 mile upstream of Hawton Bridge (BB) and 1J miles below bridge (RB)

DT: AAA (Ransome, Hoffman and

Pollard AC)

Newark, NottsC1 milefrom

Springhouse Public House to junction with Newark Dyke RB

Free fishing


Rising in the Peak and flowing through beautiful Dovedale, this is the river hallowed in the writings of Izaak Walton. Sadly, the fishing quality is far from what it was in the days of Walton and his equally famous fishing companion, Charles Cotton. Trout of modest size and grayling are the species here with the best of the few oppor-tunities for the visitor being through hotels.

Hartington, DerbysT 350 yards atHartingtonLB Charles Cotton. T: Hartington 229.8 rooms Thorpe Cloud, Derbys T 12 mi les from Derbys-Staffs border to Black RockBB .vftftzaak Walton, Thorpe (Dovedale). T: Thorpe Cloud 261. 26rooms(13j= -l)Mar18-Oct ECCLESBOURNE

A tributary of the Derbyshire Derwent, the Ecclesbourne rises near the quarry town of Wirksworth to join the Derwent just north of Derby.

Turndftch, DerbysT I mile at TurnditchJBB DT:(L6)ATS (Derby) EYE A short tributary of the Wreake which rises near the Leics-Lincs border at Saltby to join the Wreake upstream of Melton Mowbray. Melton Mowbray, LeicsCFrom left bank opposite Wyfordby to Melton. NB: Detailed maps of this fishery are obtainable from Leicester TSAB DT:B


A small tributary of theTrent which rises in Nottinghamshire to flow to the Trent via the cathedral town of Southwell, the Greet has been developed for trouting and is private fishing.


Though some anglers find the Idle a difficult river because of its speed and shallowness, it must be counted a fine coarse fishery, offering, among other species, bream, chub and superb roach. Though this river, too, has had its problems with pollution it is currently improving. Weed makes it difficult in the summer. Autumn and winter are generally rated the best times to fish it. The Idle is formed by the meeting of three rivers – the Maun, Meden and Poulter – just south of Retford. From there it winds its way through the Nottinghamshire countryside to join the Trent below Idlestop.

Everton, NottsC4j miles from a point opposite Newington to Gringley-on-the-HillRB DT: AITS (Rotherham) or AAA (RotherhamUAF)

Haxey, HumbsjC;} mile above and mile below bridge at Gate lnn,RB


Haxey, HumbsC4milesfrom

Lang holme to junction with


DT: AP (Haxey Gate Inn, Haxey) or

AAA (Sheffield & District AA)

Idlestop, NottsCU miles at


DT: A P (Park Drain Hotel, Idlestop)

Mattersey, NottsCJ mile below

Mattersey main road bridge (one field gap in middle) and mile between the two road bridgesRB

DT: AP (Barley Mow Hotel,


Misson, NottsC 1 mile from ferry downstreamLB

DT: AP (White Horse, Misson)

Newington, NottsCHmilesfrom

Green Lane downstreamLB

DT: A P (Ship Inn, Newington)

West Stockwith, Notts,Cj 1 j miles from the Soss at Misterton to