Trout Beck

Formed by the meeting of the Hagg Gill and the Woundale Beck which unite near Troutbeck Park and flow to Windermere at Troutbeck Bridge. Offers trout and perch. WindermereT1 mile as shown on permitLB

DT:ATS(inarea)orAAA (Windermere, Ambleside and Dist AC) Uiverston Canal

This short water – it is only 1i miles long – is fed by nearby hill streams. It extends from Uiverston to Morecambe Bay. Extensive re-stocking programmes by Uiverston AA have seen it develop into a useful coarse fishery. In addition to the usual species, tench and carp have been included in the association’s injections of stock fish. Matches are permitted on the canal and interested clubs should contact the association secretary. UiverstonC Entire canal LB DT: K or ATS (A. Parker, 23, Market Street, Uiverston)

Top 50 Bream

A list of the top fifty Bream is on 266.


Note: The waters given below are listed alphabetically by the name of the water, irrespective of the recommended centres. The waters for which details are given include all the major fisheries in the Lake District. A few minor waters (mainly private) are not listed. Vis- iting anglers investigating any water not listed are urged to ensure that they seek permission before attempting to fish there. ANGLE TARN

On Beda Fell near Hartsop, this is private fishing. BASSENTHWAITE In the shadow of Skiddaw (3,053 ft), this is rated one of the most fruitful waters in the Lake District. It offers trout, perch and pike, some of the latter running big. Salmon are sometimes caught by anglers trolling from boats. CockermouthlM DT: APO (Bassenthwaite) xt=Open all year


There are two waters of this name in the Lake District, one near Keswick, the other not far from Penrith. Both offer trout and perch fishing though access to the latter is not easy.



This National Trust water is no longer accessible. BORETREE TARN Near Lakeside at the foot of Windermere, this is another private fishery.

BROTHERSWATER Free fishing for pike, perch and trout on this water near Hartsop. Parts of the shore line are, however, privately owned and permission for access must be obtained in advance.

BURNMOOR TARN Free fishing for trout and pike on this National Trust water at Boot. BUTTERMERE

Flanked by Buttermere Fell, this lake offers trout and coarse fish (pike and perch). It also contains that delightful Lakeland angling attraction, the char. CockermouthM DT: ATS (The Gun Shop, Cockermouth)P(Kirkstilelnn, Loweswater)F (G. J. Stagg, Croft House Farm, Buttermere) CODALE TARN

Near Grasmere, this water offers perch fishing and the possibility of trout. It is free fishing. CONISTON WATER This famous lake, with Grizedale Forest lying along its eastern bank, is perhaps most famous for attempts made there on the world water speed record. For anglers, it offers free fishing for trout, pike and perch. It is another of the Lake District waters containing char. Coniston M

Free fishing] x =(from various hirers in area) NWWA (for Tonly) CRUMMOCK WATER Stacked on either side by peaks of 2,000 feet and more, Crummock Water lies between Loweswater and Buttermere. In addition to trout, char and pike, salmon and sea trout make their way into this lake from the River Cocker. Peak time for the migratory fish is from July. For trout. May and June are best while for char results are likeliest in July and August. As in many other Lake District waters, baits trolled deep with the special tackles traditionally used in the area are the best for char. Cockermouth M DT: ATS (The Gun Shop,

Cockermouth)P (Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater) x DERWENTWATER This lake lying at the foot of Borrowdale near Keswick contains good stocks of perch, pike and trout. Salmon are occasionally taken, usually after May. KeswlckCT

DT: ATS (Temples, Station Street, KeswickA DEVOKE WATER This lake near the village of Woodend holds trout, char and coarse fish but is strictly controlled by Millom and District AA. No ticket fishing available. DRUNKEN DUCK TARN In the heart of the Lakes near Ambleside, this water offers trout fishing on a limited rod basis. Ambleside LT ? DT: (L2)AH (Drunken Duck Hotel, Ambleside)Kopening date can vary each year EASEDALETARN A trout fishery near Grasmere also offering some perch, this water is private. ELTERWATER Lying just south of Chapel Stile, near Ambleside, Elterwater offers free fishing for trout, coarse fish and char.

ENNERDALE WATER One of the most westerly of the lakes, Ennerdale, best approached from Ennerdale Bridge, offers trout and the chance of salmon, sea trout and char. Rated best for trout May-July. Salmon and sea trout are likeliest from July onwards. ESTHWAITE WATER Lying alongside Windermere south of Hawkshead, Esthwaite offers trout and coarse fishing on a ticket. Likeliest sport is with pike and perch.

HawfcsheadM DT: AK (W. Rigby, Hazel Seat Lodge, Graythwaite, near Newby Bridge) x (Mar 15-Sept 30 (T); Jun16-Mar14(C)e


The water supply source for Kendal, this lake is private with no opportunities for visitors.


Lying between Coniston and the Old Man of Coniston (2,635 feet) and Dow Crag, this offers free fishing for trout and char, both mostly small.


Lying close to the village of the same name, Grasmere offers free fishing for trout, char and coarse fish.


This tarn lies between Dol-lywaggon Pike (2,810 feet) and Fairfield (2.863 feet) at the head of the pass running down to Patterdale. PatterdaleT Free fishing HAWESWATER

Lying west of both the A6 and M6 at Shap with Harter Fell (2,585 feet) at its southern tip, Haweswater contains trout, perch, and char and, additionally, that rare white fish, the gwyniad. BamptonT?- Haweswater. TrBampton 235. 16 rooms

HIGH ARNSIDE TARN A fly only brown trout fishery controlled by Windermere AA, this is a ticket water. AmbtesideT?-

DT: ATS (Ambleside, Bowness, Windermere) e


On the eastern edge of the Lake District, this reservoir lies alongside the M6 south of intersection 37. It holds trout, perch and pike and is open to ticket visitors. KNOTALLOW TARN This small trout lake near Ulverston is private. LEVERS WATER

Lying to the north-west of Coniston, this is believed to be private fishing.

LITTLE LANGDALE TARN Near the villagethattakes its name, this fishing is now private. LOUGHRIGG TARN Near Windermere, this is coarse fishing for pike and perch. WindermereC DT: AF (Tarn Foot Farm at southern end of water) LOWESWATER

Lying to the west of the village which takes its name, this ticket fishery offers pike, perch and trout. Cockermouth M DT:ATS (The Gun Shop, Cockermouth) P (Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater) x


This pool near Marton is stocked with trout and is open to the visitor. Fly and worm are the only permitted baits. Lindal-!n-FumessT DT: (L10)AAA(Fumess FA)OpensApr1e


A lake near the village of the same name, this is private coarse fishing though visitors can sometimes obtain permission from the owner.


Situated at Barrow in Furness near the local football ground, this water offers mixed fishing for brown and rainbow trout and coarse fish, including tench and carp. RED TARN

This small lakeatGlenridding, near Penrith is another which offers the chance of gwyniad. It also contains trout and is free.


Just north of Windermere near the village which bears the same name, Rydal offers perch, pike and reasonable trout. Tickets are avail-able.


DT: ATS (Ambleside, Bowness and Windermere) e SCHOOL KNOT TARN A pool in the Windermere area, it is ticket fishing for trout.

Bowness-on-WindermereT DT: ATS (Ambleside, Bowness, Windermere) e SEATHWAITE TARN

Lying to the east of the Old Man of Coniston and draining into the River Duddon, this mile-long tarn offers ticket fishing for trout and char.


A small water near Kendal offering free fishing for roach and rudd, fish which are comparative rarities in the Lake District.


Near Brampton, this small water offers free fishing for pike, perch, and roach.

Brampton C

Free fishing) x (from hirers in area)

SMALLWATER TARN Brampton T Free fishing THIRLMERE Used by the NWWA as a reservoir, fishing is preserved for Authority employees only.


Near Hawkshead, this fishing is private. ULLSWATER This huge water (2,200 acres) formed by the River Eamont to the north and with Helvellyn (3,116 feet) looming at its southern end is noted for its abundance of trout. The trouting is at its best from mid-April to late June with evening fish said to be the most productive in June, the time when bigger fish begin to move. The lake also contains perch, char, gwyniad and one of the rarest of British fish, the schelly. The biggest of the few schelly caught so far weighed 2 lb. All those reported have come from Ullswater. Though fishing is free, some sections of the shoreline are private and access permission must be obtained. PenrithCTSST Free fishing (permission must be obtained for access to some sections) =Mar20-Sept 16 (T); Jan 15-Oct16(S; May 1-Oct 15 (ST)


Found just south of Ulverston, this water offers plenty of coarse fish, including bream, the latter a rarity in the Lake District. Tickets are available.


DT: KorAP (Derby Arms, Great

Urswick x


Lying at the head of the River Irt, home of the area’s biggest sea trout, Wastwater offers trout, char, salmon and sea trout. Salmon and sea trout are more likely from July onwards. Hotels offer the nearest sources for ticket information. CockermouthC(char)TSST DT: ARO (Estate Office, Cockermouth Castle, Cockermouth)Apr 1-Oct31 (S) ; May 1-Oct 31 (ST); Mar 20-Sept 14 (T)


Situated near Keswick, this tarn offers trout fishing and pike, some of the latter running large. It is free fishing.


Near Kendal, this lake offers coarse fishing on a ticket with rudd, perch and pike the main species.


DT:AF (at lakeside)


The biggest and best known of all the lakes, Windermere is more than 10 miles long. Main centres on the lake, where boat fishing is usually much more rewarding than the bank, are Windermere itself and

Ambleside. Trout to 8 lb have been taken here and there are coarse fish (pike and perch) and char. The fishing is free.


Free fishingxA(at

Bowness) I NWWAtfor T and Char)


Near Coniston, this is a trout fishery for which visitors can obtain permits.

Coniston T

DT: ATS (Coniston)e