Tweed Tributaries and Associated Waters


A tributary of the Whiteadder, this river, most noted for trout, rises near Greenlaw and flows east to join the Whiteadder near Chirn-side. Access for visitors is good. Greenlaw, Berwicks, BordersT 12 milesin Greenlawarea DT:AAA(GreenlawAA)e


A tributary of the Whiteadder, this stream rises in East Lothian on Dunbar Common and flows south to join the Whiteadder at Cran-shaws. It offers trouting throughout its entire length for visitors.

Cranshaws, Berwicks, BordersT 4 milesfrom sourceto junction with Whiteadder DT:BKMar15-Sept30sf


A tributary of the Till with no oppor-tunity known to us for visitors.


Draining the southern slopes of Great Law (1,666 ft), this stream flows south to enter the Tweed below Clovenfords. Clovenfords, Selkirks, Borders Tentire river Free fishing


A tributary of the Whiteadder, this river rises on the southern slopes of the Lammermuir Hills and flows through Longformacus to join the Whiteadder. It offers some chances for trout.

Longformacus, Berwicks, Borders T 3 milesfrom Longformacus to junction with WhiteadderBB DT:BK=Mar15-Sept30


Flows in from the North to join the Tweed at Peebles. It has free fishing for trout but not of great quality.

Eddleston, Peebles, BordersT[ Entire river Free fishing EDEN (Berwicks)

A tributary of the Teviot which rises in Berwickshire to join the Teviot 3J miles below Kelso, this river offers some chances of trout fishing for visitors.


A major tributary which joins the Tweed at Galashiels after flowing through Selkirk, a fair spring salmon run is claimed for the lower Ettrick. Given the right watercondi- tions, salmon sport can be good and, on the right day, the same can be said for trouting. Some opportunities for visitors. Selkirk, Selkirks, BordersT80 miles on this river and on Yarrow above their junction with River Tweed These waters are regularly stocked from Selkirk AA’s own trout hatcheries) DT: ATS (D. & H. McDonald, 9-11, High Street, Selkirk)H (Gordon Arms,Tushielaw, Broadmeadows, and Rodono Hotels)PO (at Ettrick, Yarrowford, Yarrow, and Ettrick Bridge)=Apr1-Sept30tfe


A tributary of the Whiteadder, this river rises on the northern side of Meikle Says Law (1,755 ft) and flows east and then south and east again to enter Whiteadder Reservoir. It offers trout fishing. Cranshaws, Berwicks, BordersT 2 miles from Snout Reservoirto KilpalletjBB

DT:BKMar 15-Sept 30 GALA WATER

Rising in the lowlands south of Edinburgh, Gala Water flows south to join the Tweed at Galashiels. It is popular for trout and provides chances for visitors. Stow, Midlothian, LothianT5 miles below Stow and 4 miles above Free fishing JED WATER

A tributary of the Teviot, the Jed rises in the Cheviots and flows north through Jedburgh. A trout river, it offers opportunities for visitors.

Camptown, Roxburghs, Borders T1 mile in areaLB rJed Forest Country House Hotel, Camptowntf Jedburgh, Roxburghs, Borders CTMost of river (permit also includes large part of River Oxnam) The smallest salmon?

Everybody has heard about the biggest salmon taken on rod and line but what about that great rarity, the smallest? This is believed to be a fish of just 9 oz taken from Scotland’s River

Lochy in 1930. Netsmen took one of 1 lb from the Moray Firth in 1924 and two of the same weight turned up in nets in the Aberdeenshire Dee in December 1925.

DT: ATS (The Gun Shop, Kenmore Toll, Jedburgh and J. Lunn, Cannongate, Jedburgh) KALE WATER

A tributary of the Teviot, the Kale flows in from the east to join the Teviot near Eckford. It offers trout and coarse fish, including roach, to interest visiting anglers.

Eckford, Roxburghs, BordersCT 1} miles from junction with River Teviot upstreamBB DT:(L6)AK (Keeper’s House, Eckford)Apr1-Sept30


Another river which rises in the lowlands south of Edinburgh, the

Leader flows south through

Lauderdale through Lauder itself to join the Tweed below Earlston. It offers good fishing though mostly for small trout.

Earlston, Berwicks, BordersT

Various sections in area as listed on ticket

DT: A (McQuillan and Wilson, High

Street, Earlston)Mar 15-Sept 30

Lauder, Berwicks, BordersT6 miles from upper boundary of WiselawMill FarmtoWhitslaid Bridge(exceptfishing on Thirlestone Castle policies) Ticket also includes 14 miles on Leader tributaries

DT: APO(Lauder)(A. M. Meek, Dod Mill or J. Bell, Barns Cottages, both Lauder) or AAA (Lauderdale AA)Mar15-Oct6e


This tiny stream rises north of Cold-stream to enter the Tweed along the side of the picturesque green which is a feature of the riverside here. Though producing a few trout, the Leet is best knownforthe huge catches of roach which have been taken in the extreme lower reaches near the Tweed, especially when the main river is high. It is ticket fishing on this important section.

Coldstream, Berwicks, BordersM 300 yards from road bridge in town to junction with TweedLB DT:Ke


The Leithen rises at the south western end of the Moorfoot Hills to flow south to join the Tweed at


Innerleithen, Peebles, BordersT

Entire river

Free fishing


Stow, Midlothian, LothianTEntire river

Free fishing


Rising north of West Linton, this river flows south following the

B7059 road to enter the Tweed near the site of Drochil Castle. It offers trout.

Peebles, Peebles, BordersT (from Lyne Foot upstream)From

Flemington Bridge to junction with


DT:ATS (Peebles and lnnerleithen)H (George Hotel and

Tweed Valley Hotel, both

Walkerburn)PO (Stobo)Apr 1-



A small stream which flows into the westerly end of St. Mary’s Loch. There are chances for salmon, trout and coarse fish.

Cappercleuch, Selkirks, Borders CTS7 miles from Tala to lochBB DT:AH (Rodono Hotel, Cappercleuch )(Sunday fishing for hotel residents only)


A tributary of the Whiteadder, this river rises to the south of Bransley Hill (1,301 ft), and follows Monynut Edge to join the Whiteadder below Abbey St Bathans. There is some chance for trout.

Abbey St. Bathans, Berwicks, BordersT 1J miles from Bankend to junction with WhiteadderBB DT:BK-Mar 15-Sept 30


The major Tweed tributary, the Teviot flows from high hills behind Hawick to join the main river at the famous Junction Pool at Kelso. This river can play an extremely important part in the movement of migratory fish in this river system. Rain in the headwaters of the Teviot – but not at Tweedsmuir -can send a roaring spate into the Tweed at Kelso, temporarily ruining fishing on the Idwer beats but, at the same time, coaxing new arrivals in from the sea. Hotel, ticket and estate fishing is available. The Teviot is handily situated to cream off some of the spring salmon which choose not to stop in the Junction Pool. Trout fishing can be very good and it can be superb for grayling.

Eckford, Roxburghs, Borders CTSTS1 mileinareaRB DT:(L6)AK(Keeper’sHouse, Eckford).Apr 1-Sept 30 (T) e

Hawick, Roxburghs, BordersC (Dec and Jan only)TS100 miles of fishings in area including Teviot tributaries. Detailed map available fromTS

DT (not Sat except above St Martin’s Bridge): ATS (Stothart’s, Hawick. NB: Salmon tickets-limited and only available Mon-Fri -can only be obtained here)H (Horse and Hounds, Bonchester)Mar6-Sept30

Jedburgh, Roxburghs, Borders CTS2 milesfrom Oxnam Mouth toNineWellsAB DT:(L2forSalmon)ATS(TheGun Shop, Kenmore Toll, Jedburgh, and J. Lunn,Cannongate, Jedburgh. Salmon permits only from Messrs Lunn)jfe Kelso, Roxburghs, BordersS Sunlaws Salmon Fishery DT: (L4)ATS (Redpath and Co., Horse Market, Kelso)e Kelso, Roxburghs, BordersCT (inApr)FromOrmistonMarchto Teviot Bridge and from Maxwellheugh Mill Cauld (RB) with sections on Sunlaws and Springwood Estates DT: ATS (Kelso)R. Gibson, Boathouse, Sproustonl


Rising in Northumberland northwest of Alnwick, the Till follows a beautiful northward course through the Cheviots to join the Tweed at Tillmouth below Coldstream. It can be excellent for sea trout and also offers brown trout, some salmon, and coarse fish, the latter most concentrated near the junction with the Tweed. Large sections of this river are private and access for the visitor is definitely limited.

Cornhill-on-Tweed, Northumb CTSTS(Feb1-14andSept14-Nov30)3 milesfrom pointabove hotel to junction with TweedAB r„ Tillmouth Park, Cornhill-on-Tweed. T:Coldstream 2255. 16 rooms (73 fl). (Some rods may be available to non-residents if not fully booked. Coarse fishing reserved for residents at hotel’s self-catering cottages) +


Rising on Blythe Edge, the Watch almost immediately enters Watch Water reservoir then flows on to join the Dye Water at Longfor-macus. There is chance here for trout.

Longformacus, Berwicks, BordersT2 milesfrom Longformacus to reservoir BB DT:BK=Mar15-Sept30


Starting its life in East Lothian, this river flows down through the Lammermuir Hills into Berwickshire where, after 30 miles, it enters England to join the Tweed above Berwick. Not as good as it was for trout, it can still satisfy with an abundance of ticket water available.

Berwick upon Tweed, Northumb T?-(before May 1)7 miles from Canty’s Bridge to AllantonBB DT: ATS (Berwick)P (Corporation Arms, Canty’s Bridge; Red Lion Hotel, Allanton; Country House Hotel, Chirnside) or AAA (Berwick &Dist.AA)

Duns, Berwicks, BordersT25 miles from Chirnside to sourceBB DT: BktoMar 15-Sept30 YARROW WATER This tributary of the Ettrick links St Mary’s Loch with the Ettrick at Selkirk. The Yarrow can yield salmon and sea trout later in the year. It is not easy to fish in places. Some access for visitors. Selkirk, Selkirks, BordersT80 milesonthisriverand in Ettrick Water above their junction with RiverTweed (These waters are regularly stocked from Selkirk AA’s own trout hatcheries) DT: ATS (D. & H. McDonald, 9-11, High Street, Selkirk)H (Gordon Arms.Tushielaw; Broadmeadows & Rodono Hotels)PO (Ettrick, Yarrowford, Yarrow & Ettrick Bridge)Apr1-Sept30s-e