Tying the bubbly-eyed Booby

Created in 1982 by Gordon Fraser, the Booby ‘Nymph’ really revolutionized Stillwater fishing – especially from the bank. Coupled with a Hi-D line and short leader, the fly rides up off the lake bed – so no more worries about catching decomposing weeds or debris on every cast. You can fish the lure as slow as you like – some anglers fish it static. They just leave it there until a fish takes!

When you retrieve the Booby, the big bulbous eyes cause the marabou tail to wiggle enticingly: few trout have the will-power to resist. They often commit themselves fully and take the fly deep.

Over the years the Booby has undergone dozens of changes. The lure can be tied with many different types of body and wing material. One of the more recent improvements is the use of closed-cell foam for the eyes instead of polystyrene.