This short Cumbrian river rises just north of Wigton to flow east to Abbey Town and then north to enter the Solway Firth. It attracts a reasonable to good run of sea trout with results likeliest in the lower reaches. Upstream, there are brown trout. It is free fishing in places. Whenever in doubt the visitor should seek the permission of the relevant farmer or landowner first.

Rod Licence: NWWA Wigton, CumbriaTIST]From Solway Firth upstream Free fishing though permission for access should be sought from relevant farmers

Waver Tributary


Abbey Town, Cumbria T From junction with River Waver Free fishing Wear

Another famous salmon river which has been under the cloud of pollution, the Wear rises near Burn-hope Seat (2,249 feet) on the borders of Durham and Cumbria and almost immediately enters Burn-hope reservoir. From there it flows through Stanhope and Wolsin-gham in picturesque Weardale to Bishop Auckland where it swings north-east to pass through Durham and on to its estuary at Sunderland. Major efforts to improve the Wear have been undertaken in recent years. Salmon are now running up the river again but the biggest improvement has been in the sea trout run. Opportunities for visitors can only be described as reasonable with most in higher reaches. Rod Licence: NWA

Durham, DurhamTSAt

DurhamLB (from Milburngate

Bridge to sewage works)RB (from below ice rinkto Kepier Priory


Free fishing

Stanhope, DurhamTST2 miles

Stonebridge to Kemp LawsBB


Stanhope, DurhamTSTS- (prior to Jul 1)3J milesfrom J mile upstream of Hagg Bridge near Eastgate to StanhopeRB DT:AP (Phoenix Hotel, Stanhope)e

Westgate, DurhamT5 miles from

Westgate to Cowshill j BB

DT: AP (St. Johns Chapel) or A AA (Upper WeardaleAA)sf

Willington, DurhamTST4 miles aboveand below WillingtonAB

DT: ATS (J. Bond, 80, High Street,


Witton-le-Wear, DurhamTSTS • 11 mile from Home Farm (Witton

Castle Estate) to A68 Bridgej BB

DT: K (T. Marshall, The Cottage,

Witton-le-Wear) or ARO (The

Estate Office, Lambton Park,