Welsh Reservoir Fishing Q and A

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Which lures are successful on reservoirs and similar stillwaters in the area?

The list makes colourful reading! Dog Nobbier, Leprechaun, Beasties, Grey Ghost, Ace of Spades, Chief Needabeeh, Sweeney Todd, Missionary, Baby Doll, Muddler Minnow and the Christmas Tree are all popular—and effective.

When’s the best time to fish reservoir shallows?

Shallow water is most productive in the evenings since trout seldom move close to the shore during the day. The exception is in swims which lie alongside a reservoir dam where there is deep water close in.

Is there any advantage in fishing from a boat?

Yes, particularly on vast reservoirs and waters where there are large bankside areas of weedy shallows. A boat enables an angler to fish deeper water and also cover a larger area by fishing on the drift.

What is the Welsh National Water Development Authority?

The WNDA was renamed the Welsh Water Authority in 1979. All the existing water divisions were reorganized and their addresses changed. So if you have any old literature, throw it away because the fishing scene—as far as the Water Authority is concerned—has completely changed.

What’s the Fisherman’s Curse?

The hatch of caenis has been given this graphic name. Within minutes of hatching, thick clouds of tiny winged insects fill the air—and smother the angler. The most frustrating part is that they are too small to imitate!

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