A large number of stillwaters, all coarse fisheries, are available in Birmingham. A keen interest is taken in them by the city’s Recreation Department and at certain times of year there are competitions based on these fisheries, most of them in public parks. BrookvaleParkLC DT:KSTWAe

Cannon Hill ParkLC


Edgbaston ReservoirC


Fox Hollies ParkC DT:KSTWAe

Lrfford Reservoir j C


Norman Chamberlain Playing



Perry Park LC


Pype Hayes ParkLC




Small Heath ParkLC DT:KSTWAe

Swanshurst Park LjC DT:KSTWAe



Ward End ParkLC



Shustoke Reservoirs These two STWA reservoirs offer fly fishing for trout. The best brown was a remarkable fish of 9 lb taken in 1962, the best rainbow, a fish of 4 lb 10 oz. The average weight of Shustoke trout: 1 lb. In view of the rod limit, advance application is strongly advisedT? DT: (L 6) ARO (Tame division, STWA, 156-170, Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3ISE; tel: 021-236-9888) v wApr 16-Oct 15 (reviewed annually)STWA


Coombe Abbey Lake In a beautiful stately home setting on the outskirts of the city, Coombe is most noted for its big bream shoals, fish which have figured dramatically in a number of major competitions staged here, notably the Gladding Masters Tournament. Also present: numerous roach and tench with the chance of sizeable pikeC DT:KSTWA DUDLEY

Himley Hall Lakes Two lakes at this stately home controlled by Dudley Metropolitan Council. One is a coarse fishery. The other lake, which offers trout fishing, is restricted to residents of Dudley and Wolverhampton only, such residents should apply for permission to Legal & Administrative Department, Dudley Metropolitan Borough CouncilC DT: TO (Himley Hall)STWAe Lodge Farm Reservoiri C FreefishingSTWA MERIDEN

Packington Fisheries A complex of 3 gravel pits and 3 lakes, some big, some small, and a section of the River Blythe, Packington first pointed the way with the stocking of giant rainbow trout. Some of the purists demurred when the policy began and the Record Fish Com-mittee got themselves into a terrible tizzy when Brian Jones claimed the record with an 8 lb 143 oz brown trout in 1970, this fish being still Packington’s biggest. Packington is regularly stocked and has consistently broken its own record for numbers of fish caught in recent years. In addition to the fly only trout lakes, there are waters reserved for coarse fishing in addition to the water on the Blythe. So popular has Packington become, visitors are strongly urged to book in advance at the height of the seasonC (on 3 GP only)T(forT) DT: (L48on bank,34in boats) TOTM or ARO (Packington Fisheries, Maxstoke Lane, Meriden, near Coventry)! x Mar 18-Nov 15 (T); Normal C season STWA

SUTTON COLDFIELD Sutton Park Pools (L) (5) A real amenity for the Birmingham area, offering coarse fishing within the park. The lakes are Longmoor Pool, Powells Pool, Keeper’s Pool, Blac-kroot Pool and Bracebridge PoolC DT: B —(Bracebridge Pool only) STWA


West Sussex. See Sussex West Yorkshire. See Yorkshire WILTSHIRE

Wiltshire offers more than reason-able opportunities for the still water angler though it should be added that the accent, in terms of availability, is on coarse fishing which is often association controlled.

ERLESTOKE Erlestoke LakejC

DT:(L12,6forjuniorsonly)AK (Badgerland, Lower Road, Erlestoke) or AAA(Lavington AC)WWAe SALISBURY

Brimclose This put-and-take trout fishery, stocked with browns and rainbows, is one of the few in this area. Access is definitely limited and enquiries should bedirected to P W Gauntlett Sports Agency, Waterside Cottage, Micheldever, Hants.

STEEPLE LANGFORD Steeple Langford Lakes This coarse fishery, controlled by Salisbury AC, offers the chance of fish of specimen quality, including carp (to 20 lb plus) and tench (to 5 lb plus). Other species present include bream, perch and roachC DT:BWWA STOURTON

New Lakes (L) (5) This fishing com-plex, privately owned, offers fly fishing for brown and rainbow trout and coarse fishingCT (in lakes: Brown trout only in 3, Rainbow in 1)Min Trout lakes) DT: B or ARO (A. E. Bealing, The House on the Lake, Stourton)WWAe



Wroughton Reservoir This is a fly onlytrout fishery operated by the TWA. Rods are strictly limited. Fish average 1 lbthough brownsto6lb and rainbows to 3J lb have been caught hereT DT:(L4)ToorARO(TWA, Cotswold Division, 17, Bath Road, Swindon; tel: Swindon 24331) — TWAe

ZEALS WolvertonLT?-