Rising near Wyresdale Tower with Whins Brow (1,562 feet)totheeast, the Wyre meanders down to Scorton where it strikes due south to Garstang. Below this town, it swings directly west to flow through the heart of the Fylde to Out Rawcliffe where it enters its long estuary which empties into the Irish Sea at Fleetwood. The Wyre is one of Lancashire’s better rivers, attracting salmon and a good run of sea trout, both species being taken up to Scorton and beyond. In the upper reaches, the river offers mostly trout. Lower down from St Michael’s on Wyre to the sea, there are excellent coarse fish, including quality roach and chub. Ticket facilities are reason-able with, additionally, some chance of access through associations. Rod Licence: NWWA

Cartford Bridge, LancsCTSTS 6 miles from toll bridge to sea at Knott End Free fishing Garstang, LancsCTSTS2 miles from Lancaster Canal Aqueduct extending downstreamRB DT: BorAAA(Ribbleand Wyre Fisheries Association)

Great Eccleston, Lanes CTSTS600yards at Lower Wild Boar Farm (RB) with one gap in middle of section DT:BorAAA(RibbleandWyre Fisheries Association) Great Eccleston, Lanes CTSTS2jmilesfrom Fishery Field down to footbridge LB DT:BorAAA(RibbleandWyre Fisheries Association) St Michaels, LancsCTSTS500 yards downstream from St Michael’s BridgetovicarageLB DT: BorAAA(RibbleandWyre Fisheries Association) St Michaels, LancsCTSTS 1 milefrom vicarage below St

Michaels Bridge to Great


DT: AC (at St Michaels Bridge) St Michaels, LancsCTSTS 2 milesfrom St Michael’s Bridge down to Great EcclestonRB

DT: AC (At St Michael’s Bridge)

St Michael’s, LancsM2j miles from St Michael’s Bridgeto Churchtown Bridge (A6)AB DT:(L20)ATSe

Wyre Tributary


Not to be confused with the Lanca-shire river of the same name which is a tributary of the Ribble, this Calder drains Calder Fell to enter the Wyre near Catterall. Likeliest access for visitors are near the junction of the two rivers. Yar. See Isle of Wight Yare. See Norfolk and Suffolk

Broads Yeo (Devon). See R. Taw Yeo (Somerset). See R. Parrett Yore (or Ure). See R. Ouse (Yorks)