England’s biggest county, known to its proud inhabitants as the Broad Acres, is as rich in stillwaters as it is in rivers. There is only one snag. There are an awful lot of Yorkshiremen with the result that many waters in the county are extremely heavily fished, a situation which makes for shy fish and tremendous pressure on some waters, particularly those close to the industrial towns and cities in the West Riding. Despite this, visitors are welcome at many waters in the county, including some of the best there are. Whether your interest be trout or coarse fish, the choice is more than reasonable.

Readers are reminded that coarse fishing in Yorkshire begins a fortnight earlier than everywhere else in England, thanks to determined efforts by angling administrators in the 20s.



Semerwater This large lake is best known for the huge bags of bream it can produce. It also contains roach, perch, and small troutM

DT: K (C. Peacock; Countersett. NB: house overlooks lake) or AP (Rose and Crown, Bainbridge)YWA


Greenfield LakeT-

DT: (L8)AP(BuckInn, Buckden, near Skipton) Apr 1-Sept (BT)YWA


Elvington LakeM



Fairburn Ings LIC

DT: ATS (Castleford)YWA


Fewston, Swinsty & Thruscross Reservoirs Though not noted for the size of their trout – fish here average less than 1 lb – these waters are a popular amenity in this part of the county.

Fewston & Swinsty ReservoirsTMat Fewston; minnow & fly permitted at Swinsty) DT: TM (at Keeper’s Lodge, Fewston)Apr1-Sept29YWAe

Thruscross ReservoirT

DT: TM (at Keeper’s Lodge)=Apr 1-Sept29YWAe


Malham TarnLT-

DT: TO (Malham Tarn Field

Centre) – May 1-Sept30YWA


Castle Howard Great Lake A fine stately home coarse fishery, Castle Howard has produced some enormous catches of tench with individual fish going specimen weight. It can also offer excellent sport with bream, perch, pike and roachC



Cod Beck Reservoir Offering one of the few opportunities for trout fishing in this part of Yorkshire, Cod Beck’s fish do not run big, averaging only 1 lb. It is stocked only once a seasonT?-DT:(L6)ARO(Hambleton District Council, 72, High Street, Northallerton)YWAe


Rogers QuarryGPC

WT: A (B. Wain, 82, Bondgate. Ripon) P (Brewers Arms. 2, Bondgate Green, Ripon)YWA SCARBOROUGH Scarborough Mere L C DT:BYWAe WHITBY

Scaling Dam ReservoirT

DT: TOApr 1-Sept 30 (BT); Apr 1-Oct14(RT)YWAe


BRAITHWELL Fordholes Farm PondC

DT: (L 10)ATS (T. E. Grice & Son,



Cusworth Hall Lakes (2)C



Askern LakeiC


Cusworth ParkP(2)C



Elsecar Dam lC



More Hall Reservoir Set in a delightful wooded valley a few miles to the north of Sheffield, this is a fine fly fishery which offers the chance of some big brown trout.


DT: ARO (YWA, Castle Market

Building, Exchange Street,



Lindholme LakeT?-

DT: ATS (F. G. Gale, 26, Copley

Road, Doncaster; Sportfishers,

High Street, Hatfield)G (Sandtoft

Filling Station) or ARO(B. Lindley,

Haverthward House, Burnham

Road, Epworth)=Mar 18-0ct 16STWAe

HOYLAND Milton PondsC

DT:AP (Milton Arms)YWA


Scout Dike ReservoirT

DT: TO (weekdays only)A(for weekends)RO (YWA, Castle

Market Building, Exchange Street,



Bramley FlashPC

DT: A AA (Dormer Sports


DT: ATS (T. E. Grice, Rotherham;

Mellor’s, Swallownest)YWA

Wentworth Estate LakesC

DT: AK (at hut on bank) or AAA (Sheffield & Dist. AA) YWA

SHEFRELD Arbourthorne Pond C Free fishing (L30)YWAe CrabtreePond’C DT:(L12)K(onsite)or(ifnot available)K(Earl Marshall Recreation Ground, Earl Marshall Road)YWAe

Crookes Valley DamLC

DT: (L 40 from first Sat in April, until last Sun in Oct. From latter date until end of season, maximum is 80)YWAe

Dam Flask Reservoir. Set in the

Loxley Valley on the northern out-skirts of the city, Dam Flask is a popular amenity in a city notorious for its huge angling population, all of which means that the Flask is extremely heavily fished and its fish, especially the bigger ones, are definitely educated. It is a mixed fishery. There are trout, huge can-nibal browns being occasionally reported, and coarse fish. Of the latter, roach predominate though there also are bream and pike, a 20 lb specimen of the latter being a recent captureM DT: TOApr 1-Jan 31 YWA Forge DamM

DT: AC (at Dam)Apr 1-Feb 281 YWA

Frecheville PondC DT:(L32)KYWAe Graves ParkP DT:(L12)KYWAe Rivelin DamsP (7)M DT: (L Hind Wheel, Max and Wolfe Wheel Dams, 30; Rivelin Mill, WalkleyTilt and Havelock Dams, 20;NetherCut, 15)K(onsiteor from Attendant at nearby paddling pool)YWA STOCKSBRIDGE Underbank ReservoirM DT: TOApr 1-Jan 31 YWA WOODSETTS Woodsetts Quarry PondC DT: AK (L Coe, 64, Kilton Glade, Worksop)STWA



Worsborough Dam (R) This small water can surprise with the quality of its coarse fish. Its bream shoals have produced some large catches and there are specimen roach, numbers of these fish in excess of 2 lb being reported every seasonC DT: Kjun 1-Feb28YWAe


Chellow Dene & Leeming Reser-voirs Fishing in these two waters is controlled by Bradford City AA who accept seasonal members. Chellow Dene is a coarse fishery offering a reasonable variety of species while Leeming is a trout fishery stocked with browns only. Fish average } lb though the biggest was a fish of 6i lb. Harold Park LakeM DT: ATS (Bradford) YWA BRIGHOUSE

Cromwell Lake (GP) Not to be confused with the Doncaster Associa- tion’s trout fishery of the same name near Newark in Nottinghamshire, this, like the Doncaster water, is a put-and-take trout fishery. Stocked twice a week with rainbows only, its fish average 1 lb with the biggest so far going nearly 6 lbT

DT: AH (Grove Motel, Elland Road, Brighouse) Apr1-Oct30 YWAe LEEDS

Middleton Park (P)C DT (only when park is open) KYWA Roundhay Park Lakes (L) (2) Sur-prisingly for a city of its size, this is Leeds’ only public fishery. It is coarse fishing on the upper lake, coarse and trout on Waterloo lake. The coarse fishing produces reasonable catches of roach with occasional big fishjM DT: ATS (Leeds) or AAA (Leeds Amalgamated SA)Jun 1-Feb 27 (upperlake); Mar25-Feb27 (Waterloo lake)YWAe MORTON (near Bingley) Sunnydale Reservoir T DT: ATS (at Bingley and Bradford) or AAA (Bingley AC)YWAe OTLEY

Knotford LagoonGPC

DT: ATS (The Gun Shop, Cross Green,Otley)YWAe RYHILL

Wintersett Reservoir C



Hill Top Reservoir C

DT: ATS (Wagstaff’s, Brittania



Nostell Priory This stately home fishery is the subject of new development only just getting under way. There are two coarse fishing lakes, one reserved for season tickets only. Huge tench catches have been taken here, including fish to 6 lb. In addition to other species, there are roach to 2 lb and more. Athird lake is retained for trout fishing on season ticket. Applications for season tickets should be made to Head Bailiff, Foulby Lodge, Nostell Priory, near Wakefield (Yorks) DT (C) : K (Foulby Lodge, Nostell Priory) or ATS (F. Alexander, The Strings, Wakefield)YWA

YEADON Yeadon TarnLM DT: Awebster’s Grocers, High Street, Yeadon; Denison’s Ironmongers, Town Street, Yeadon. Notices give alternative sources on closing days – =-Apr 1-Feb27YWAe