Rising on the Cheviots, the Aln flows east through Whittingham and the pleasant Northumbrian town of Alnwick, home of one of the most famous fishing tackle firms in the world, to enter the sea at the delightful little port of Aln-mouth. It offers trout fishing with runs of sea trout and the occasional salmon. Some sections have been re-stocked with trout. Rod Licence: NWA Alnwick, Northumb T(except where NWWA bait byelaws apply between Lesbury Footbridge and Duchess’s Bridge). From below Denwick Bridge to Alnmouth Bridge[BB (excluding grounds of Lesbury House) DT: ATS (Alnwick) Midland BankoFeb1-Oct31 (S);Apr3-Oct 31 (ST);Mar22-Sept30 (T)