A popular Sussex coarse fishery, the Arun rises on the northern border of the county and flows, via Pulborough and Arundel, to the English Channel at Littlehampton. Though ticket lengths are available, large sections are association controlled. Coarse fish encountered include bream, chub, dace and pike. Sea trout are occasionally caught in the summer months. The Arun has a long estuary popular with mullet and bass enthusiasts. Rod Licence: SWA

Amberley, W SussexC2 miles from Amberley downstreamBB DT: AC (at Amberley Bridge)e Arundel, WsussexCST2j miles from South Stoke Bridgeto Arundel BridgeBB DT:ATS (Arundel) Arundel, WsussexCMsection between Arundel and Ford Railway BridgeRB Free fishing but permit must be obtained in advance from RO (Area Engineer, Southern Water Authority, River Road, Arundel) Bury, WsussexC2 miles from Houghton Bridgeto Bury FerryRB DT: ATS (K. Dunham, Marine Place, Worthing; Lagoon Tackle, 357, The Kingsway, Hove; Tarring Sports.Tarring Road, Worthing)C (Houghton BridgeTea Rooms, Summer only) Lrttlehampton,WsussexCST milesfrom Arundel Bridgeto

Littlehampton (Lower reaches also offer good sport with sea species such as bassand mullet)RB

Free fishing

Pulborough, WsussexCNeary milesfrom fence below Swan

Bridge to sluice above Greatham

Bridge (known as the Church Farm


WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport,

RMC House, High Street, Feltham,


Pulborough, W SussexM4 miles fromStopham Bridgeto Greatham



Pulborough, W SussexC 1J miles from Stopham to Swan


DT: BorA(Newsagent’sshopat

Swan Corner, Pulborough)

Wisborough Green, W SussexC 3 milesfrom Wisborough Green to

Orfold Farm (entry at Orfold


DT: AAA (Crawley Angling